July 28, 2014

I made it to Guatemala!

Hey guys! I've made it to the CCM (Centro de Capacitacion Misional--or Missionary Training Center; aka MTC) here in Guatemala!! The MTC is AMAZING!!! So far the food has been good and I even got to take a nap!! Just so you guys know, we are in the same time zone as Utah right now...so we're not on the same time :/ BUT, guess what?? I talked to the two women sitting next to me on the MSP to LAX flight for the ENTIRE 4 hour flight!! It was crazy!! :)

Found out that I will be able to go to the temple here next Tue and that I have P-Days (one day per week "Preparation Day" for writing letters, cleaning, shopping, sight-seeing, etc) most likely on Wed while i'm in the MTC (possibly Tue). In LAX there was only a group of about 7 of us..............until of course the flight from Utah showed up, then we hit 46 missionaries!! :) Most of us slept on the flight from LAX to GUA and all got here safely :)

Hope all is going well and that you are all smiling and positive!! :) Keep up the good attitudes and pray everyday!! Also, the CCM takes all electronics while you are here, so i may or may not have pictures to send you guys of the CCM. Sorry. Well, just wanted to update you guys a little bit and let you know what's up and what to expect. Talk to you guys soon!! :) Now to hunker down and study hard!
Here I am with my siblings and all of my belongings for the next 2 years!

My family at the gate in MSP

Me and Elder Hicken...2 tall, white Minnesotans heading to Guatemala to serve the Lord and the people

"Touched ya last" with my mom and family at the gate
See ya in 2!!!!!
My plane taking off from MSP to LAX
On my way to GUATEMALA!

Guatemala City airport

Welcome to Guatemala!

July 03, 2014

Mom's Post

This is a test to see if I can learn how to "blog" for Jaedon while he's on his mission...  If the General Authorities can do it, I can too!!!  :)
WE WILL MISS YOU JAEDON!!!!  I guess the "cardboard guy" will have to do for 2 years...

3 Weeks Till Go Time

Well...three weeks till I'm in  A T E M A L A! Wow it came fast! Just to think that before 4 months ago I had basically no interest at all in Guatemala, but have learned so much about their history and culture. Thankfully I was able to have a week of Spanish immersion last week and received a little taste of what life in a spanish speaking country is like ;) (not really, unless you call life in an all inclusive resort "normal living")

All the familia at the resort! :)

BUT, now to focus on the mission. I enter the MTC 20 days (TWENTY!!!!) from today and I'm soo excited...and nervous, but I'm so looking forward to learning the spanish language. Or at least as much as one can in 6 weeks, haha :)

(yes that is a Guatemalan fern in the background, ya know, immersion ;) )