July 20, 2015

Fog and Patterns of Light

Highlight #1: Food. I'm just going to start with my food highlight so I don't forget...So today we had our district activity (I'll comment on that in a second) and for lunch there is a less active member who has a food truck (think like taco stand, or ice cream truck but with tables in side). So we chilled and ate lunch there :) And can I just say the atmosphere was rockin' and the food was pretty awesome! :)
Yes, we are inside a Guate Food Truck!
Highlight #2: District Activity. So we had our once a change district activity today! It was pretty fun! :) We got together and played volleyball (more info to follow) and basketball...then we went to the above mentioned truck for lunch!! So about volleyball, there are two "types" of missionaries, gringos and latinos...that explained...we were playing volleyball with one companion from each companionship on each team and it was going alright. Then one of the sisters had the idea to play gringos vs latinos. Well, there were 2 gringos and 4 latinos (our comps and the companionship of sisters). Needless to say, well, ya know, the (oh, I don't know if I should say who won) won! Suffice it to say the latinos want a rematch ;)
Bus ride with the Sisters to the District Activity :)
Highlight #3: Fog. We were out teaching and talking to people when we looked out and saw a mist coming our way...about 3 minutes later we were completely engulfed in fog, not rain, just fog :) It was pretty cool to look out and know there was a valley below but not be able to see it. (Made me think of "Patterns of Light" by Elder Bednar. You can watch it here). So we couldn't pass up the opportunity to take some pictures ;) :)
There is a valley down there, I promise...

Highlight #4: The Work. Oh, and we did work this week ;) We have been working with a couple for their marriage and baptism this weekend. We have been waiting for Sunday (yesterday) to see how truly committed soon-to-be husband is to what he is learning and if he is ready to change some of his Sunday habits (namely to sell in the market on Sundays). So we went to their house to bring them to church with us yesterday and they weren't home (Sundays past he has sent his soon-to-be wife by herself to church and then he goes to sell), so we went to his spot in the market to talk to him, but he wasn't there either. Guess where they were? Yep, they were the first ones to have gotten to the church building for Sunday services and were waiting for us to invite them into the chapel. So we invited them in and he did the cutest thing (sorry, mushy? maybe), he chose a row and then stood aside for her to sit down, she then patted the seat next to her for him to sit on...just to say, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! :)

Well, the district meeting put us a little behind for writing...sorry. I tried to give you guys a quick view of my week this week and tried to be as descriptive as I could. Hope you guys could feel, at least for a second, as if you were here :) :) I love you all! And pray for your safety and direction and success every night in my prayers.

With love and well wishes,
Elder Flake

P.S. A year ago today was my farewell talk...ahhhh! And I was remembering the cute little boy from my ward who brought over a loaf of bread he made--to start learning how to cook to begin preparing for his mission. And then the AMAZING bean brownies from a sister in our ward were pretty good (if you haven't tried them you cant knock 'em and definetly need to ask her for the recipe!) :) Just for a minute thought about my ward family back home in MN and all their support and encouragement to me! :) Thank you all!

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