July 06, 2015

Another new area!

Happy Me riding in the Tuk Tuk!!!

Highlight#1: Interviews. So this week was interviews for the zone (every 6-week change we either have a multi-zone conference or interviews with President Smith). It was fantastic! :) So there are 2 districts in my zone so while one district was have their interviews the other district was having their district meeting with the assistants to the president. Our reunion was AWESOME! I learned a lot and got re-energized for the work. Then we had lunch...food is important. Then my district had our interviews :) My interview was amazing! Like I have commented every time I've had interviews, President Smith is so in-tune with the Spirit. Our conversation was very enjoyable for me. I received some great counsel, encouragement, and learned a little bit more about some of the experiences President Smith has had in his life. I love my mission president and am LOVING my mission.

Highlight #2: Food. So here in Guate pollo (chicken) is a BIG DEAL! Chicken is the main staple meat in almost everything! Fried chicken, roasted chicken, boiled chicken, shredded chicken, etc. But what is an ever BIGGER DEAL are tortillas. I think that they would go to the extreme of possibly eating tortillas with their tortillas. I have lost count on my tortilla consumption but I have way surpassed my 1,000th tortilla, maybe even my 1,500th tortilla. A fun fact: The members here measure if they gave you enough food by the number of tortillas you eat with your meal (something I learned in my second area). The scale goes more or less like this: 0-5 normal meal, plenty of food; 5-8 not quite enough other food; 8-? "you didn't give me anything to eat..." Thankfully I have been in the no more than 5 range...usually :) :)

Highlight #3: Area. Alright the highlight you have all been waiting for...yes, I have a new area...BUT I didn't move. You are probably now thinking, how does that work? Well it's simple, the elders for an adjoining area had emergency changes from their area. Rather than just leave the ward without elders, my companion and I have been assigned that area. So my area now consists of just over 20 km end to end, minus a couple km in the middle for the area of the sisters :) It has made for a lot of walking this week!! And I mean A LOT of walking. In the last 3 days we have walked just under 25 miles...haha :) But I am LOVING it! One advantage to the other ward is they have a ward mission leader who can help us :) :) So that's the craziest, uniquest change that happened this week :) :)

I love you all and hope life is going well! Keep on smiling every day and recognize the blessings of the Lord in your lives. I promise that the blessings are there. Remember to stay positive, even when things are tough, and to always, ALWAYS take a moment every day to laugh and relax! :)

With love and prayers from the mountain tops of Guatemala,
Elder Flake

PS An aldea in my "new area" has the nickname of Alaska due to how cold it constantly is there...just a fun fact :)
Celebrating my birthday, July 4th, and life!
(Mom says: I hope they didn't eat that all in one sitting!!!)

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