June 29, 2015

New Area: Men in rodilleras and Quiche

Highlights for 29/6/15:

Highlight #1: Changes. I am LOVING my new area! I'm out of the city and back to an aldea. I didn't realize how much I missed being in an aldea! And it also helps A LOT that I have a fantastic companion! He completes 6 months this Sat, and he is from Guatemala City :) :) I'm pumped for this change :) :)
Missionary "changes" to new areas...

Gonna miss this awesome companion!

Great new companion!!!

Highlight #2: So a little bit about my new city :) The first language is an indiginous language called Quiche. Really the only people who speak Spanish are the youth, some adults know a little bit...so do you know what that means???? I get to learn Quiche!!! haha :) Also, this city is known for their men in kilts, but they're not called kilts they are called rodilleras, but to me they're kilts ;) haha :) But I am LOVING being here...already felt my first terremoto night before last :) So that added some fun adventure to the night :) Nothing big (nothing was damaged and some people didn't even recognize it, but that could have been because it was at like 3 in the morning), but big enough that it woke me up :) Haha :)  Also, it has been a HUGE change in the weather! Think Bear Lake Beach heat and sun and NO RAIN! And that is my new area :) But the members here assure me it's rainy season ;)
My new area...

Highlight #3: Church. So, since the first language here is Quiche the means that all official meetings are in Quiche, which means that church is held....in Quiche. So it made for an interesting experience yesterday, I really learned what it means to be taught through the spirit because I didn't understand a thing that was said (minus the few Spanish words that were thrown in every once and a while because there isn't a Quiche word so they use the Spanish word), but I still learned from each of the speakers, through the spirit! :) It was a super cool experience! :)

Highlight #4: Translation. Had my first translator-taught lesson. Now you may be asking what that even means...haha :) What that means is that we had a lesson with a family who knows no, none, zero, Spanish and we, the missionaries, basically know the same amount of Quiche, so we were able to take a member with us who knows both Spanish and Quiche to go and teach this family. It was very....different....to say the least, but I know with time (and as I learn more Quiche) it will get more normal. The cool thing, the family invited us to come back :) :) So now we just have to find somebody who will go with us again... ;) haha :)

So there you guys go...a little look into my new surroundings and experiences :) :) I am LOVING being here in this area and all the wonderful opportunities and experiences I know that will come in the future!! :) I know that this is the work of the Lord and that he has a plan and purpose for me being here right now. I know that He directed President Smith, through revelation, to have me change areas and companions. I am so greatful for all the experiences and miracles I see every day! Keep up the great work and positivity! The Lord loves each and every one of you personally and individually.

With love and prayers,
Elder Flake

I love my new area!!!

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