June 08, 2015

Guate Direct to You

Sup Yall?!? :) So another week has come and gone...and man has the weather changed here....but I'll get to that in a minute :) :) Okay, I'll get to that right now...to the highlights! :)

Highlights for 8/6/15:

Highlight #1: Weather. Well...the rain has begun. And not only begun, but it all came at once! I've been hearing about "the hard rains" that come during the rainy season...but man did I underestimate when they said that one day it all comes at once. They meant it! One day right after lunch it started to sprinkle, then get a little harder, then harder, and then HARDER. It was raining so hard we could only see about a block and half away...HAHA. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?!?! Welcome to the rainy season Elder Flake! ;) Haha :)
Highlight #2: Xela. So since I've been here in the big city I have run into a member (that I didn't know) almost every day. I commented this to a member here in the ward. They chuckled and then informed me that the call center he works in is made up of about 80% members of the church...how crazy is that?!?! Then he said that a lot more are now members (compared to when he was a kid, and a convert). We have 4 zones (Stakes) just in Xela and a temple...I guess that would mean there are quite a few members. But that is not to say we don't have work to do :) There is still plenty to go :) :) Love the work here!

Highlight #3: Multi-Zone Conference. So this week we had our Multi-Zone Conference with President and his wife :) WOW! That's all I can say. It was definately a spiritual feast! We learned about the importance of teaching by the spirit (because if we don't teach by the spirit we aren't actually teaching...just talking). I wanted to share an interesting thought I had from a comment President Smith made. He was telling us about something the tour guide told him and his wife when they visited Jerusalem. The tour guide said something like "If you want to find Jesus here, you must bring Him with you." President then explained how truly if they wanted to find Christ in Jerusalem they had to bring Him with them in their hearts. The thought I had was truly that if I want the people I interact with every day to feel the God's love and the spirit's direction for them, I have to bring those things to the lessons with me. This brought a whole new view to the studies in the morning. The studies in the morning are my chance to prepare, invite, and learn to teach by the spirit. It has made an amazing change these last couple days that I've changed my studies, it really has made a difference :)

I know that what I am doing isn't anything BIG, but it is making a difference through the little things that me and my comp, along with the spirit, do every day. I know that this is the work of Christ. He truly is the one inviting each of us to come to Him, learn of Him, and become like Him. I am so greatful for the opportunity I have every day to bring the wonderful message of God's love, direction, and plan to those around me. Yeah, sometimes (many times) it's hard because they don't know what they are turning down or rejecting. But those that do allow us to bring the Lord's spirit into their homes and explain God's plan for them never regret it! When you see two guys (sometimes it's 3) in white shirts, ties, slacks, and black plaques; or two (or 3) sisters with plaques; talk to them, get to know them, allow them to visit your families. I promise you that you will not regret it! Also they will be surprised for a change to have somebody talking to them and inviting them instead of the other way around ;) haha :) Being a missionary is awesome!! :) Not going to say it's easy, but it is truly rewarding :)

With love and prayers,
Elder Flake
Lunch in the apartment with my companion :)

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