June 22, 2015

Drum roll please...

My District and a few missionaries from the zone too!
Well, lifes goin´...umm...yeah....it's going :) But to get to the reason you checked the internet today...the highlights :)

Highlights for 22/6/15:

Highlight #1: Miracle 1. So you know that video and pictures I sent of the rain a couple weeks ago? Well, it got harder this week...yeah, A LOT harder rain! So we were out in the street (THIS IS FOR REAL, NOT A JOKE) talking to people and visiting, when out of literally NOWHERE it began to down pour....HARD! Well, I had the cell phone in my pocket and in the course of getting to the chapel me and my comp got SOAKED to the bone...there wasn't a dry part of us (except maybe my toes, WAY DOWN DEEP in my shoes). That is when somebody tried to call us and we found that the phone worked but the audio speaker wasn't working. Not good. So we had to stick to texting for the rest of the evening and then put the phone in rice and prayed really hard. The next morning, low and behold, the phone worked like nothing had happened. Definitely a miracle in my eyes. :)

Highlight #2: Cambios. Well another 6 weeks have passed and tomorrow is changes. So last night we got the phone call telling us who in the zone had changes. Any guesses?? Maybe? YEP! My days in this area are over...I've got to pack my bags and early tomorrow I'm on my way to my brand new area :) I've definitely got a very mixed bag of feelings right now...I love the members in this area, but it is very small...I've been here for a while, but (other than my training) I have had a new companion for EVERY change in my mission :) So all in all I'm feeling pretty neutral as everything cancels out everything else...(so this is why I'm in a bit of a time crunch, because I still need to finish packing and saying bye to members. So, SORRY, but hopefully next week will be better :))
Early birthday celebration because I'm leaving this area before my birthday.
I have wonderful friends here, especially my newest Guate grandma! :)

Could be last McDonalds for a while depending on where I'm being assigned next!!!
Highlight #3: MIRACLE OF THIS WEEK'S MIRACLES-BAPTISM!!!! So one of our most pilus investigators was baptized on Sat. And through a personal mini miracle I was able to perform that baptism. But the story starts a couple weeks ago....So about a month ago after Sacrament Meeting a gentalman walked up to me and asked me when we could get together for him to receive the lessons (WOW, A MISSIONARY'S DREAM COME TRUE). So we set up an appointment with him...when the appointment came he didn't show...but to make a long story short we were able in the end to still meet with him that week. To start the appointment we asked if he had any questions for us, and he replied no, only what do I need to do to be baptized (ANOTHER MISSIONARY'S DREAM COME TRUE). So we taught him and placed a baptismal date for this last Sat. Then the worst nightmare of any missionary happened, for about 2.5 weeks we could not get in contact with him, and he didn't come to any ward activities...we thought we were going to have to postpone the baptism so that we could get in contact with him and teach him the lessons. Well, the Lord had other plans :) Thankfully! Last Sunday he came to church and told us he still wanted to be baptized on Sat and was willing to do what it took to make it happen. So through a very special set of miracles we were able to be in contact with him every day this last week, Su-Church, M-Lesson 1, Tu-Lesson 2, W-Elders Quorom Activity, Th-Phone Call to fijar the cita for his interview, F-Lesson 3 and Baptismal Interview, Sa-Dressed in White-Baptism, Su-Church-Confirmation-Ordination (received the Aaronic Priesthood and will be passing the sacrament next week). It was one of my mission miracles. And to make it even greater, in one year he and his family will be able to go to the temple and be sealed for time and for all eternity and I WILL STILL BE IN THE MISSION and yesterday he told me he would like me to be there!!!! So now to stay in contact with him, continue to encourage him, and in a year's time see him and his family in the temple! :)

Well, I've got to get (QUICKLY) to the other emails. But know that I love you all and pray for your safety and success every night! :) Keep those smiles on your faces! Keep sharing the gospel through word, work and example! Keep having a BOMB summer! ;)

With love, thoughts, prayers, and a lot of mixed feelings about this change,
Elder Flake

PS Guess what? I complete 11 months TODAY since leaving home and 11 months TOMORROW of being in the mission.... :) Times flies :)

PPS But for real...this next change I complete a YEAR in the mission and I will be with my 8th companion in my 3rd area...haha :)
P-DAY:  Winning District from the Zone competitions!!  Wahoo! ;)
Fun missionaries, fun p-day...

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