March 21, 2016

Divisions and Changes

During Easter, we give special attention to all that Jesus Christ has done to bless our lives. But what is it that He asks of us? The answer is a simple one—only three words—but it has the power to forever change our lives: "Come, follow me." (

Highlights for 21/3/16:

Highlight #1: Division 1. I started off the week with a normal division with the District Leader and my area. So I went to Centro to be with the DL's companion and had a blast!!! :) (See picture of pizza) To explain what a division is for those that don't know: A division is an invention to allow missionaries to have more than just their assigned companions and area, and learn and do much good. In a division an elder from each area leaves their area to trade spots with another elder for the day :) So, in this particular division, my comp stayed here with our DL and I headed to the DL's area with his companion :) But however it may have been, I enjoyed it! :) When I got back to my area I found out that the Asistentes to Pres had called and informed my DL that they were changing the district assignment and would no longer be in that district. So, NEW DISTRICT this week ;) :)

Highlight #2: Division 2. As you can see from the pictures...I GOT TO GO ON A DIVISION WITH MCVEY!!!! His companion has damaged his foot and has inflamed tendons. So the elders of the zone are taking turns going on divisions with them, one staying with the comp at home and one leaving with McVey. I LOVE THAT GUY!!!! It was so much fun and I learned SOOO much from him.


Highlight #3: Mission Call. Last night I had one of those eye opening realizations of my mission. A young man who was baptized last year received his mission call during sacrament meeting (that's how missionaries receive their calls here. The Stake Pres receives the call and then personally takes it to the sacrament meeting of the future missionary to give them their call. It's actually pretty cool! :)) I was privileged to participate when he was opening his call and couldn't help but think back almost 2 years to when I was in his situation, opening my call. It was a pretty surreal experience. A very special experience. And, in the end....HE'S HEADED TO CHILE!!!!! I'm pumped for him! :)

"Love is what you go through together." --James Therber (YSA Face2Face--Elder Holland)

I love this quote, I heard it this week and really find it true. I have come to love my companions not day one, but the day one of us has changes. And hope that you may all be able to apply it to your lives! I've seen the effect and truth that it preaches! :)

With love and prayers,
Elder Flake
Happy St Patrick's Day this week!
We found puppies ;)

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