October 15, 2014

New beginnings for 2 wonderful young people

Hola!  You asked what my typical p-day is like...hmmm....Well, get up like normal (6:30 a.m.) and then have studies (scripture and language study) until 10 a.m. Then meet up with the district-zone for the morning for some activity (i.e. Walmart, football, basketball, boardgames, etc). Then we go have lunch together. Today was chicken wings, but we've had Chinese, pizza, Wendys, and then eaten at comedors (like Guatemalan restaurants, that serve tortillas, rice, meat, and fresca) :) Then we usually have e-mail time :) Then its usually about 6 p.m., so p-day is over and we get back to work :)

So guys, sounds like it's time to start pulling out the yack skin coats and slippers in MN!! ;) And the temps here are just about normal as they've always been--about 60 degrees F :)

This week has had some ups and some downs...but it all has ended well :) It ended off on a super spiritual note!! I HAD MY FIRST CONVERT BAPTISM!!!! Woohoo!! I was able to baptize the daughter and my companion baptized the son. Their mom was baptized in April, so now their family is completed!! (Dad isn't present in the home and the youngest sibling is only 3...) :) It was amazing! And spiritual! And really a magnificent blessing!! That is one memory I will never forget! :) Now to help them get to the temple ;) :)

Can you believe it? I've already been in the field for a transfer (6 weeks) I start the second half of training tomorrow!!! Ahhhh!!! Its crazy!! :)

Well, I'll have to write more details later about the baptism or just share them from my journal when I get home.  :)

Love you guys lots, and pray for you every day!! :)
Tu misionero y hijo y hermano y amigo,
Elder Flake

AMEN to this that was sent to me...
"Some people think it is so wild and crazy to believe that Joseph Smith could possibly have seen God and Jesus Christ.  But yet, they believe that Moses parted the red sea; Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego didn't get burned in the furnace; 2 animals of every kind got on Noah's ark; and Jesus performed miracles.  Why?  Because they have read the word, prayed, and felt a witness.  Which is exactly what one would need to do about the story of Joseph Smith--read the testimony of Joseph Smith; read the Book of Mormon; and pray with a sincere heart having faith that the truth will be made known to them.  Then it would not be so far-fetched when they allow the Spirit to touch their hearts."
Beautiful day in the lives of this family!!!!

Food for the MONTH!

Shopping day in Xela

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