October 08, 2014

Xela Temple, kites, and more...

Alright...what a crazy, unusual week I had this week!!

So, I'm just going to write, maybe not in time order, but just experiences :)

First, happy birthday to Bryson!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe he's already double digits!!! That's crazy!!! :) How tall is he (are you) now? :)

And yes, Colby, we do have banana peppers...along with more varieties of peppers in one place than ive ever seen in my life!! :) haha :) Lots of spicy food, yum!!

Conference was fantastic!! And I was able to watch all but the first session in Ingles!!!! (One miracle to me to add to my ever growing list for Month of Miracles.) :)

So just a slight comment on my visa....it went through, but I wouldn't say with out any trouble. I did have to miss an entire day of proselyting and missionary work, as well as the mission had to pay for a night of hotel and 2 expensive bus tickets....but I know what you meant ;) haha :)

Yes, this was my first time in the Xela (Quetzaltenango) Temple. And it is truly, downright, probably one of the most beautiful and uniquely decorative temples I have ever seen or been to. Think Mayan themed. From the paintings to the architecture to the fine details, it is just downright amazing!! One of the requisite stops when you all come visit in 2016.

Alright, so we are working with this part-member family...the mom was baptized last year, the boyfriend is a return missionary, the daughter is the one with a baptismal date, and then there is a younger brother and a younger sister :) So we went over to teach them and prep the daughter for her baptism that is THIS SUNDAY!!!! But she wasn't there so we decided to teach the younger brother :) Well he was busy with one of his friends working on a project in their garage...and we realized what he needed was some more friends, not just two gringos that always just taught when we visited...so we went out and started helping with the project :) They were making Guatemalan Kites from tissue paper and sticks and string. They actually turned out really well and are fairly cheap to make :) Something fun I can bring home with me ;) So we were there for a while just talking with him and flying kites 'till it got dark :) Hopefully this week we will be able to get a lesson in with him and have 2 baptisms this coming Sunday...we´ll see :)

Something I remembered this week...while in the CCM I saw a picture of all the Mission Presidents and their wives for Central America...and GUESS WHAT???!!!??? The Hintze´s from Centerville are currently serving as mission Pres and wife in El Salvador/Belize!  Just a fun fact :)

Also, last week I met the Elder from Viewmont whose blog I had followed before the mission :) haha, what a small world :)

Well, I've got to head out...until next week earthlings ;) I love you all and pray for you every day and night :)

Tu hijo, hermano, amigo, y misionero,
Elder Flake

PS Let me know how the movie, "Meet the Mormons" is. :)  Hopefully opening weekend is successful and they can keep the movie in the theaters longer.  Anyone else who would like to "meet the Mormons" or just see a truly inspirational movie go to meetthemormons.com.  Here you can view a trailer and find the showing nearest you.

Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple (aka Xela Temple)

View of Xela from the temple
My Zone (minus 2) at the Xela Temple
My zone has 6 gringos, one Elder from Mexico and one from Honduras

Chillin the apartment between Conference sessions

Celebrating Bryson's Birthday!

3 Utah schools represented in my district
(Jaedon, is this in order of coolness? Just wondering.  -Mom)

My comp after USU creamed BYU in Football last weekend!
baby birds outside the church
View outside my apartment
Outside my apartment
Outside the church/apartment
Outside my humble apartment :)
A peek into my apartment

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