October 21, 2014

Seminary teacher...fun times

So this week's been good...a little different, but good :) We had changes last week on Tue and got a brand new "greenie" (new missionary) out of the CCM, and 2 latinos, so the zone is back up to the full 10 missionaries!! :) Some stuff came up so we actually had to do a division spur of the moment, but it all worked out! :) I stayed in my area and the latino comp in the other companionship came here with me! :) It was an interesting experience having a latino comp for a little while and having to speak completely and entirely always in spanish. But, I learned and grew!! :) The joys of being the comp of a district leader, frequent divisions!! :) It's got its goods and bads...

Also this week I had my 6-Weeks Trainer-Trainee meeting with all the other missionaries I came here with and their trainers and the mission president!! It was amazing!!! I loved being able to learn from Pres Smith and his assistants! I actually participated in the meeting...my comp and I were asked to demonstrate how a companionship study practice of the commitment to read the Book of Mormon would be done. It was nerve racking to be up in front of everybody...but I did it and it was great! :)

So this week we found 2 really great investigators, so we're setting up for some awesome successes for November!! :)

A story left unsaid last week: So the story about the miracle of the boy getting baptized. We had been teaching both him and his older sister and had a baptismal date set with his older sister and then the week before her baptism we weren't able to find her at home until Thu at Youth Night. AT that time she was the only one with time to listen to a lesson so we decided to just focus on her baptism and help her brother the next week. So we taught the lesson and just as we were leaving for Youth Night, he came running out to go with us. Then after Youth Night we were showing the girl the baptismal font and her brother said under his breath...it would be cool to be baptised the same day...wait, WHAT?...I was just thinking it would be cool to be baptized the same day as my sister....FANTASTIC!!! So we taught him his last lesson, set up the baptismal interview for the next day, and the day after that he was baptized!! It was a truly amazing experience, and then to realize that this work really honestly has NOTHING to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with the relationship between God and His child that we are teaching!! :) Just a great experience I wanted to share :)

Also this transfer brought some changes for me...first my companion became the district leader, so now we've got those things to worry about in our companionship :) Then I became the seminary teacher, so I've got to start prepping lessons three times a week :) That should be fun!! :)

You asked about what I eat...Usually daily I eat: for breakfast, granola and a roll, lunch: a pbj sandwich, dinner: tortillas, soup, whatever else a member gives us (or if I'm home another pbj) :) (I sent a picture of my normal breakfast :)) I think the most specialty dinner I've had so far is when we had beef stew with tortillas de trigo :)

You mentioned about the temple prayers and my name being placed on the prayer roll and that is truly an invigorating thought--that I am literally prayed for in every LDS temple, every day, and now double in MN!! :) That's just and amazing and humbling thought...

Well, love you all!! Keep up all the great work!! Talk to you in a week!! :)

Elder Flake

PS This week I complete 3 MONTHS in the mission!!! AHHHHH!!! 12.5% done!!
PPS The zone had 2 more baptisms this past Sat!! :)
My typical breakfast:  granola, milk, and a roll
YUMMY fruit!

Pineapple for later
Beautiful view of my area
My area at night

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