January 12, 2015

Starting the year off right

This week has been pretty unique :) :) So I´ll just jump to the highlights!! :)

This week in highlight reviews:

Highlight #1: The pigs have arrived!! :) This week we were finally able to go out and visit our friend's farm. This is very difficult for us because he lives in Xela and here and jumps quickly and frequently between the two. But, we were able to make it out there to see him again! While there we were introduced to the new piglets from the day after Christmas. I loved it!!! :) :) Then we had a great lesson with him, I just wish he lived solely here and we didn't have to try and figure out his schedule here. But, things can't always be easy now can they? ;) :)

Highlight #2: So my comp and I got out contacting up the mountain a couple days this week. Got a lot of rejection...and a lot of very confused people. The number one thing we were told was "don't waste your time on us, we´ve already found Jesus." Then usually they would add something like, "But you should go visit such and such neighbor who attends such and such other iglesia than me, because they need some help finding Jesus." I just found it a little funny :) Then when we got to literally the very, very, VERY top of the mountain and started down into a valley I didn't even knew existed...the dogs came. Or more accurately, A dog came. So we turned around and started to leave, and usually this will cause the dog to go away because we are leaving its territory. But not this dog, he was right on our heels for about a half mile up the mountain and then down the other side a little ways...haha :) Got to keep things interesting, right? ;) :)

Highlight #3: Well, I found out (at least my best guess) that Chilé y my stomach don´t do to well together. So have to back off of that...this is one of those missionary stories you laugh about after the mission but hate while it's happening.

Highlight #4: So...one day this week was kind of slow, nobody was home, and those that were didn't have time to talk. So we still needed to meet our daily goals, so we did the next best thing we could think of...we taught those that couldn't run away :) Included is a picture of me teaching one of these lessons. Yes, I was teaching a cow....out of the hymn book. Desparate times call for desparate measures ;) (Disclaimer: we really didn't count them as lessons, but we thought it would make a pretty good photo op :) Enjoy!)

Highlight #5: So there is a local belief that the first 12 days of the year represent the 12 months of the coming year...so everyone gets a little taste of what to expect in their year...haha :) And from what ive been able to gather, its pretty dang accurate... :)

Highlight #6: Also included is a picture of a fruit that I have seen nowhere else in the world. It´s called a Granadia, but I just refer to it as the spider egg sack fruit. If you ever have the opportunity to try one, take it! It´s something everyone should experience at least once in their life....the guates love them, I haven't decided yet if I do...haha :) So the back story, we were out contacting (the same day as the dog) and contacted this house. All the kids told us their mom wasn't home, but then low and behold, out walked the mom. So we started to talk to her. She made it very obvious, very quickly that she was good in the church she was in and that we should use our time elsewhere. But then, as we were turning to leave, she was like "wait elders. Do you guys want some fruit?"...umm, sure :) So we ended up with like 8 of the granadias and then some HUGE limóns :) So, I guess that was our blessing in disguise from contacting that house...haha :)

I know that this is the work of our Savior and Redemer and loving older brother Jesucristo. I know that only through Him and the Expiación de El we can return to live with our Heavenly Father once again, as well as have the way prepared through which we can be with our families forever in a state of never-ending happiness. That's a lot of happiness don't you think :) I promise that if we will turn our lives to Him and follow His instructions, we can't and won't go wrong.

I love you all and pray for you each individually every night. Hopefully you guys feel the thoughts, prayers, and love sent to each of you from Guatemala! :)

Love you all,
Elder Flaké
My Zone at the conference where I sang

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