January 19, 2015

Things I KNOW...

This week has been pretty good :) I've enjoyed it!! :)  Loving my comp!  So the highlights for this week (and that's just what they are, highlights of the best parts)....

Highlights for 1/19/15:

Highlight #1: There was a baptism this week!!!! :) :) :) Too bad it wasn't for my area...We were asked to be witnesses for this baptism because they didn't have enough priesthood holders. Also they were coming here to use the Banos here for the baptism because they wanted to be baptized in warm water :) So we got to be there :) So, I've now been to the Banos, and it was....interesting. To explain what they are I will describe them this way...they are the town baths. Think Roman Empire public baths...you get the picture. It was an...interesting....environment to have a baptism in, but it worked :) Also while there we talked to a teenage kid who asked us when he could be baptized and wants to know more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. So that was fun too :)

Highlight #2: Food. Yep, I do love my food :) Had a fun experience with it this week :) I remembered a conversation I had where someone mentioned that we had a metal plate for building fires. So my comp and I decided to try it out....by making s'mores!! :) Yep, we had s'mores this week!! They were delicious and brought a little bit of the good times from the states back for a little bit! :)

Highlight #3: Food, Again. Still loving my food!! :) So for p-day my comp and I decided to have some fun for lunch. We purchased (this was my first time ever in Guatemala) some ground beef and made some hamburger paddies that were pretty good (if I can say so myself). Then we fried them up and topped 'em with the works :) Enjoy the pictures :) Yep, that's a one of kind, third-pound, Guatemalan-style hamburger! We had to use normal white bread, like the chapins we are becoming, because we couldn't find any hamburger buns...but it worked :)

Sorry, no crazy dog stories or surprises...I guess I could talk about all the contacting and doorshutting in our face we had this week. Or maybe about the lesson I learned about what happens when boiling oil touches your skin. Or helping strengthen families here who are struggling with new stages of life (a dad who is overcoming an addiction, a mom expecting another child, a daughter moving out on her own, a son at a deciding point in his life, etc) :) But even with all these things, it keeps the work interesting and keeps you on your toes :) I have also learned a lot this week and grown a lot in my testimony of Christ. I KNOW that we knew Him personally before we came to earth. I KNOW that He came to earth to lead a life of example and ultimately suffer and die for each and every one of us. But, I KNOW that He has risen and that because of this we will all rise again some day. I KNOW that He is there for each of us individually, in our times of trial and struggle as well as in times of plenty and tranquility. I KNOW that only through Him we are able to repent, become better, and ultimately return to live with our Heavenly Father and families forever. I KNOW that this is the Lord's work and that He personally is directing and participating in it every day. I KNOW that there is power in prayer and fasting, personally and as families. There are few better ways to unite families than having family scripture study and family prayer every day (and Family Home Evening once a week). I promise that if we will each make the effort to study and pray individually and as families every day, we will see the windows of heaven open and bounteous blessings come into our lives and the lives of those we love. I love this work and the blessing of being a part of it at this time. I am soo grateful for all of you, your thoughts, prayers, letters, emails, and everything. Thank you. Keep up all the great work! Keep being the great examples of followers of Christ that I know (and you guys know) you are.

With Love,
Elder Flake

PS Guess what?!?! This Friday is my 6 month mark!!! AHHHHHH, this is going way to fast! Fourth done already?!?!

A Guatemalan girl who wanted a picture with the tall, white missionary!  haha

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