January 26, 2015

6 Month Mark

Love this family
This gringo is a bit taller than the locals...I feel like "Buddy the Elf" in the shower!!  Haha
Wow, another week come and gone here on the mission...crazy!

So to the Highlights:

Highlight #1: English Class. This week we began teaching English, which has been pretty fun!! :) Our branch president asked us, somewhat jokingly, if we would make time to come by and teach his kids English. So we accepted the service and are loving it! It has presented its own fun challenges, but we love working with them and being able to be in presidente´s home and feel the spirit there.

Highlight #2: I had a division this week with my District Leader in his area. So after district meeting we headed over there. Turns out to get to that area you have to get off the bus, then walk 30 min into the mountains. It was soo beautiful and fantastic (and honestly, a little refreshing to be in a new area). We worked super hard, founds some positive new investigators and potentials. And then as tradition dictates, we had a fantastic meal for dinner when we got back :) We had tacos, mashed potatoes, and brownies!! :)
Fixin's for fantastic District Meal together

(Comment from mom:  you know he's been away from home for a while when a
"fantastic meal" consists of tacos, mashed potatoes, and brownies!  I love it!!)
Highlight #3: 6 MONTHS!!! Ahhhhh!! A fourth of the way already gone!! I can't believe it! Wow, it has gone fast! Well, it was also a member friend's birthday, so my companion and I went and visited her to wish her a happy birthday. Turns out we were the only ones who remembered...But then we celebrated a little bit for my 6 month mark. I made hootnannies for lunch, which by the way were FANTASTIC!!! (It has been over 6 months since I've had me some hootnannies) Then we were invited to have dinner with the branch president and his wife and had these cheesy tortillas that his wife learned to make on her mission in El Salvador. They were fantasticly delicious!! Then highlight #4 happened. :) :)
Happy 6-month mark!  Celebrating with Hootnannies!

Can you see the "6" in syrup?  I know, cheesy, but it's a landmark!

Highlight #4: 6-Month Tradition. So as tradition dictates when you hit your 6 month mark you must burn a tie. So without further ado, I burned a tie! :) It was actually a lot of fun!! :) You can all now rest in peace knowing that 1) I am keeping missionary traditions alive and 2)I handle fire in my spare time ;) Haha :)
My "6 month tie"

Keeping missionary tradition...burning my 6 month tie!
The last embers of the tie
Well, that´s my week in review and only the highlights. Soooo much more happened! We have some new and very pilus investigators, started officially the new year of seminary, attended a training meeting for the wonderful seminary teachers, gave blessings, preached the gospel, and walked A LOT!!! But I'm not complaining, I know that this is the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He called me personally to serve Him and to serve here specifically. I know that only by and through Him may we all return to live with Him and our Heavenly Father. I am soo greatful for the love, hope, and vision the Lord has given me and that I get to witness enter the lives of those I teach. If you are now pondering if or when you should serve a mission, turn to the Lord. He knows when, where, and who He needs. He will guide your life specifically, but first we must ask and be living in such a way to invite that guidance. I love you all and pray for you each individually every night. I pray you feel and see the Lord´s hand in your lives every day, feel His protection and guidance, and feel the peace and joy of being a member of this marvelous church at this time in the world´s history.

With Love and Well Wishes,
Your missionary, friend, and brother,
Elder Flake
My awesome companions at Christmas
The chickens for our Christmas tomales

Tomales are awesome!

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