April 20, 2015

The week that flew by!

Well this week has gone by SUPER DUPER fast! I cant believe it's already Monday again!! Well, some fun highlights this week, so I'll cut to the chase...

Highlights for 20/4/15:

Highlight #1: First Blister of the Mission. Well, the day arrived this week that I got my first blister. I woke up like normal, got ready for the day (including putting on my shoes), and then studied. We then left for a service project we had scheduled. I've been using the same shoes for the past 9 months and have had no problems. No blisters, no rubbing, no problems, at all. Well, I got my first blister...Now I know what you are thinking, "How can that be that I could get a blister after so many months using my shoes?" Well, it's actually quite simple...the blister was on my hand! ;) haha :) I got a water blister from using the machete for so long! haha :) My shoes still have a clean record of no problems :) :)

Highlight #2: Divisions. We did divisions this last week. They were SWEET! I got to work with my District Leader, a Tongan from the states.  It was awesome to have a gringo companion for a little while! And we got work done!! We found a couple new investigators, contacted some super positive individuals, and had a blast! :)

Highlight #3: Food. Yep, food highlight :) :) So for the Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Guate they have special foods they only make and eat during that specific week. One of these foods is Garbanzos (don't know if i spelled that right...). It is slow cooked garbanzo beans in a syrup with cinnamon, sugar, brown sugar, and water. So I asked a member here if she would teach me how to make it if I bought the supplies. Well, this week I learned how to make it! It was super duper yummy. We ate it so fast that I forgot to take a picture...haha :) But I still took some food pictures of other things :) :) So, no worries ;)

Highlight #4: Misc. So two other things that happened this week. The tradition continues...my comp's backpack got peed on by a members dog while we were there doing some service. This is a tradition because it happened to my last companion too...haha :) Beware of being my comp...haha ;) The other was we talked to a young man (that turned out to know English, so that was fun) who had attended the Xela Temple Open House with his friends. We asked what his favorite part was and he responded one highlight was finding out that we have jacuzzis in our temples...Huh???...OH! the baptismal font! :) He told us that he made that comment to his guide in the temple and that they then explained that it was not in fact a jacuzzi but a baptismal font where saving ordinances are performed. But it made me laugh, just that thought that we would have jacuzzis in the temple. haha :)

Well, this week has been a lot better and we have had a lot more success. I am soo grateful for this opportunity to serve as one of the Lord's chosen and called servants to bring His gospel to my brother and sisters here in Guatemala. I am so grateful for this gospel and for the peace, comfort and direction it gives me. I promise if you will meet with the missionaries, no importa si tu es un member or not, they will be able to help you come closer to your Heavenly Father and experience these same feelings of peace, comfort and direction. This is truly the Lord's, Jesus Christ's, church. He is at the head and he knows you personally. Hope all is well at home and everyone is loving life! Keep up all the smiling and positivity! There is no substitute for those things in life.

With love, thoughts and prayers,
Elder Flake
Peruvian breakfast...taught to me by my Peruvian companion!

I love my food!  Vegetarian lunch!

Me and my Guate Buddies!

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