April 13, 2015

This is the work of the Lord

Kept the tradition of ice cream after Priesthood Session!
Yes, I ate the whole thing!
I am sooo soooooo SO happy right now to have some time to write to you all and talk about my week and share with you all. A lot of things happened this week, but I can share the play-by-play when I get home, for now some highlights :)

Highlights 4/13/15:

Highlight #1: Interviews. Well the time for interviews came again this week. Oh how I love being able to talk to Presidente and Hermana Smith, feel of their love, and learn A LOT from them. We didn't know until Wed that we were going to be having interviews on Fri, so that was a fun surprise from the Zone Meeting ;) Haha :) Like the other 2 times I've had interviews I come away KNOWING that Pres. Smith has been called of God to guide and lead this mission, to guide and lead ME. I can truly say that Pres. and Hermana Smith are two examples to me of living lives guided by the Lord through prayer, revelation, and action. But the part I'm most greatful for is they take their knowledge and share thoughts and ideas with me about how I can come closer to Christ and majorar (more or less meaning do better). Presidente Smith has been called and set apart to lead at this time and he has my prayers, confidence, and support.

Highlight #2: A Mission Call. So guess what happened this week...yep our Ward Mission Leader here in El Prado received his mission call, finally. So to go back to Nov...he sent in his application papers in Nov hoping to be able to leave the end of Dec or in Jan. Well, plans changed because his papers came back with the message that they were incomplete due to some medical information needed. So he fixed that and resubmitted his papers. Well, fate had it again and once again his papers came back with a message that he needed to have his wisdom teeth removed. So the second week I was here in this area he had is wisdom teeth removed and resubmitted his papers. Then in Sacrament Meeting Obispo (the Bishop) called him up front to present him with his call envelope. (I liked this idea, have the call letter go to the ward to present to the youth personally in front of the ward instead of just to their home.) So last night he opened his call, finally, and will be serving in and leaving on.....drum roll....El Salvador San Salvador East and enters the CCM in a month. Crazy huh? Haha :) I had to wait 4 months after I opened my call...but I'm glad I had that time to prepare and buy everything ;) :) haha :) So I had my determination rekindled as I felt some of the same emotions for him that I had felt when I opened my own call :) It helped a lot!! :)

Highlight #3: A Quote. "Thus illuminated by the light of faith, adversity becomes a vehicle for growth and death becomes a doorway from one phase of our eternal existance to another." --From Our Search for Happiness by Elder Ballard.

So this week I had some very rejuvinating experiences to help encourage me on! I know this is the work of God and that He knows exactly what I (and each of us) need and the correct timing to impliment a little nudge or a little encouragement to keep us going but still allow us to grow :) I am soo greatful for this work and the trust and faith my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have in me. Have you ever thought about that, Heavenly Father and Christ excersice faith in us that we will choose to use our agency to do good and follow them. God, the all-knowing and most powerful being in the universe, has faith in me and faith in each of you individually. How cool of a thought is that? Makes you want to do better and be better, right?! ;) haha :) I love you all and hope all is going well for each of you! I pray for you each every day!! Keep up all the hard work and sharing the gospel! Love those missionaries in your ward, maybe someday they will return to visit ;) You never know ;) Haha :)

With love and thoughts from Guatemala,
Elder Flake
Guatemalan tostadas...YUM!

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