April 27, 2015

Another "Normal" week in Guate

Easter fun with the ward at the church!
Highlight #1: Food. First and for most my food highlight for the week. BROWNIES!!! Yes, I made delicious, rich, moist brownies this week for one of our investigators at a member's house. They were super duper good! The only problem was that the oven we used only heats from the bottom...so the bottom was burned for about half a cm and the top was cooked but still uncooked. Then the topping was going great, yes was, until 5 CUPS of milk not 5 TBSP of milk were added. Needless to say the "frosting" was pretty runny. So from my vast cooking knowledge I decided to put some flour in the mix and microwave it! It worked like a charm! The frosting hardened up and we were able top the brownies with some super rico frosting!! :) :) Utter failure averted!

Highlight #2: Baptism Update. We currently have 1 fecha, and the plan of at least 3 others this coming week. The month of Mayo should be a great month of baptisms.

Highlight #3: English. Well I have become the English tutor for a less active member :) So this past week we started visiting him and his son. So while I was practicing English with the dad (throwing in church references and words), my comp was teaching and talking with the son! :) It worked out pretty well :) :) We have another appt this week with them to do it again and they promised to make or order pizza for us for dinner while we are there :) :) Got to love when a doctor wants to give you dinner ;) Haha :)

Highlight #4: Service. Well we preformed more service this week clearing out a lot of land for a member. It was going super well! And then the member handed me the ax....and pointed at some very large trees. Got to love Guatemala! :) haha :) Needless to say, it's been a while since i used an ax and the tree was pretty hard, so I obtained blisters, yes blisterSS. Look at your left hand, now imagine 13 individual blisters...got to love manual labor! ;) But they are slowly healing and all is well :) :)
Watch out!

I love you all and hope all is well at home! Keep the smiles on your faces and always remember life is meant to be enjoyed (look in the scriptures if you dont agree...como "men are that they might have JOY"), so ENJOY IT! :) Hope you guys are as pumped as I am to talk in 2 weeks!!!!!!!! :) I should know the details next week :) LOVE YOU LOTS!!!! :)

With much love and many prayers,
Elder Flake

PS I completed 9 months this last week! Man the time is FLYING by!!

PPS My comp just got his flight itinerary for his trip home. It's gettin real!

Tradition: Ice Cream after Priesthood Session of Conference!
I got one for my dad, but because he wasn't here and it was melting,
I had to eat it for him!
Another snake! Ewwww!

Tropical location for your mission = Mangos in your bag! Yessss!

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