May 25, 2015

Another week with a Poly...

Xela at night

The temple in the distance
Sorry, today may be short...I wasn't able to take the time last night or this morning to sit down and go through my journal to write myself notes of highlights...sorry.

Highlights for 25/5/15:

Highlight #1: Rain. Well, the rain has begun! But from what some friends here have told me, I haven't gotten a glimps yet of the great! :( But it should be fun!! :) They say that sometimes when it rains hard enough it floods the streets to the point that cars float down the street...that should be fun to see ;) haha :)

Highlight #2: My Comp. My companion is a BOSS! Every day is an adventure with him and there is always some sort of memory or algo for me to write about in my journal. One of this week's examples/highlights happened a couple days ago. We were coming back to the apartment to drop off some stuff after doing some service...the house we live in has 3 of the exact same doors next to each other (kind the point that you can confuse them). Well, one of the doors (not ours) was slightly open. My comp thinking that it was our apartment with determination and confidence swung open the door, looked up, paused, then turned around and started laughing!! :) haha :) Apparently there was a meeting or something happening because there were a lot of people just milling about with different snacks...and they of course gave my comp a pretty confused look! :) Gotta love him! ;)

Highlight #3: Food...of course ;) So this week I learned how to make authentic Guatemalan horchata! :) It is so good!!! I am definitely bringing the recipe/knowledge home with me and am going to make it semi-a lot!! ;) Haha :)

Highlight #4: District P-Day. So today was our one district p-day for the change. We all got together and every missionary/or group of missionaries from a unique pais (country) represented in our district provided a customary food item unique to their country. We had papusas (from El Salvador), Bean Burritos (Honduras), Otai (Tonga/Somoa), Tortrix (Guate), and Cookie Brownies (US of A). It was a lot of fun...but I'm definately feeling...unique, to say the least...haha :) But it should pass :)
Cookie Brownies!!!  Representing the USA, of course!

Other country's foods

Well, we've got an early appointment so gotta move on to some of the other emails! But hope these highlights suffice for this week at least. I love you all and hope all is going well in the various parts of the world you are all in! Keep up the great work! Find a small act of service (or I guess it could be big) to perform for somebody EVERY DAY this week. If you will, you will see the hand of the Lord guiding your life to those that need your special talents! Until next week!

With thoughts and prayers, and best wishes, from Guate!
Elder Flake
The 83rd Birthday Party for a member of our congregation...


Happy Birthday! :)

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