May 18, 2015

The Week of the Family

Highlights for 18/5/15:

Highlight #1: New Comp. The long awaited announcement has finally arrived! :) So I am staying in my same area but with a new comp (obviously because my last comp went home last week...). My new comp is....from SAMOA!! NOT REALLY! He's from Hawaii, but has Samoan blood :) He is AWESOME!!! I am soo excited to be able to work with him! He has been a missionary for 20 months (so he goes home in Sept).

My new companion and I on our roof porch.
My comp and I saying goodbye to a young man from the congregation
who is leaving to serve a mission.
Highlight #2: Semana de la Familia. So this week was an area-wide Week of the Family. This means that there was an activity every night ending on Sat with a Cultural Night as a stake and a broadcast devotional with the Area Presidency yesterday! :) It was sick!!!! :) We were able to participate in everything except the devotional and had some investigators and less actives come with us :) :) :) It was sooooo much fun!!! Also really just got me going and pumped to keep working!!! :) :)
Activities for Semana de la Familia, or Week of the Family...

Highlight #3: Pilus Family. So this week we were able to get ahold of a reference we had received :) :) And man is this family prepared!!! The mom is a friend of an ex-member and needed a house to move into. So this member helped her friend come in contact with the member's husband's sister to live with her. Then when this friend moved in she commented to the ex-member that she would like the missionaries to visit again. So that is how we got the reference! :) Two of her children were baptized 3 years ago, but her youngest daughter was too young at the time and the mom didn't want to make that commitment at the time. But she had some things change in her life and some scary experiences that caused her to want to change her life, thus she wanted us to visit again, and her and her daughter both have dates for baptism right now :) :) The Lord really does prepare people to hear and accept the message of Him that we bring! This message really does change hearts, it truly changes lives! :)

I love you all and hope all is well at home!! :) Keep up the missionary work and being amazing friends!! :) The Lord really is right along side us, guiding us, carrying us, cheering us on. He knows what experiences we need to have in our lives to help us become better and more like our Father in Heaven. One of my favorite stories now in the Book of Mormon....sorry if it's cliche, but it really is an enlightening account...3 Nephi 11...(if you do not have a copy of the Book of Mormon, feel free to ask for a copy from any missionary...they would love to talk to you about how the Book of Mormon: Another Testimant of Jesus Christ has changed their lives and can change yours.)

With love and prayers, and joyful salutations, from Guatemala to you,
Elder Flake

PS I hit 10 months this crazy is that?!?!?! :) I'm getting OLD!
My fellow missionaries and friends at changes...the Elder on the left was my trainer.

A package from home!!!!

I had fun sharing too!!!

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