May 13, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Getting ready for the Dia de Madre fiesta!
You are all beautiful! Just so you know ;) haha :)

So the highlights this week:

Highlights for 5/11/15:

Highlight #1: OBVIOUSLY....the call home. Well, half way done with all my calls home for the mission. How crazy is that?!?!?! Well, 230 days till Christmas, and Christmas is basically half way between now and when I get home...just a little baggy statement :) :) Haha :)
Skyping with my family...our newest and greatest family photo!

What I saw in Guatemala!  Loved it!

Highlight #2: Baptism. So, this week I was able to attend the baptism of one of my investigators. One of those moments of my mission I will NEVER be able to forget! Sorry I didn't tell you guys about it bad..haha :) But it was sooooooo amazing!! :) His next goal is to receive the priesthood and ultimately to serve a mission!!! How cool is that?!?!?!?! I am hoping to stay in contact with him to know where he goes in his life! Haha :)

Well, really those are the highlights other than the stuff I talked to you all about yesterday!! :) Haha :) Oh, the family's house where we were calling asked if the boys were twins....thought you'd find that funny :) :)

Well, here comes another change and another comp. Pray for me! :) I'm excited for the new and fun experiences that are coming this next change!!!! :) I love you all and hope all is well and you are all safe and happy :) :) Keep on smiling and the next thing you know the kids will be half way done with their next year of school and I'll be on the iPad again ;) haha :) Till next week!

With love and hope for a great coming week here and for all of you,
Elder Flake
My parting gift to my comp who is heading home this week.  Adios!



Grateful for members who feed us!

Missionaries in my zone!

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