September 21, 2015

And the rain (STILL) came tumbling down!

Yes, I am hitting my head on the crossbeam...and lots of other things too!! haha! Gringo probs in Guate :)

Well, another week has come and gone...that's a fact! So, HIGHLIGHTS? I think YES!

Highlights for 21/9/15:

Highlight #1: Rain. "The Rains [surely] came a-tumbling down this week (makes me sing wise man, foolish man). Well, I can now say that I have experienced a year of weather in a day! Woke up in the morning freezing cold, left the apartment sweating from the heat, mid-day hail fell, then rain, and MORE rain, and then a firetruck load of RAIN, then sun (but not too much), and in the evening being able to see our breath. GOTTA LOVE GUATEMALA!!! :) And the members here are telling me this is "only the beginning," I guess we'll see what that means...HAHA! :)
water, water, everywhere!

Highlight #2: Food. Well this week I had one of the food experiences of my life! FOR REAL! I have included a picture from google of what was sitting in my bowl...NOW to explain: This is called pansa (but if you google this name it will not show up, google mondongo (the mexican name) if you would like to see more of this). This is the stomach of a cow...apparently this is a delicacy here. Well, needless to say...I am now adding this to the list of foods I have tried and don't need to try again...haha ;)

Highlight #3: Families. Well, week one of this new change ended as a success :) We were able to find and teach algunas nuevos familias as well as continuing to work with the families we already were teaching. One family in particular I would like to introduce to you (at least a little): We were contacting and talked to a grandma and her grand-daughter. The grand-daughter invited us to come back when the rest of the family would be home. So we placed the appointment and left for the day. The appoinment arrived and we went to visit and wow, what a family :) It is a father, mother, and daughter. They have an evangelical background and have had many experiences in their lives that have led them to conclusions/beliefs that are part of the principles of the restored gospel (but they just don't realize it yet) :) I'm excited to continue working with them! :)

Highlight #4: Stake Conference. Yesterday was my first stake conference in the mission.  And MAN WAS THAT AN EXPERIENCE! I was thinking about scanning in my notes from the conference and and just sending them to you guys and then you could just ask me questions about different comments....but then I realized my notes are in Spanish...HAHAHA...oh well :) So here's some highlights...the theme of the conference was The Family. (a sub theme was to enjoy and appreciate the amazing place God has given us to live here in Guatemala...there aren't a lot of places better than here) Elder Arredondo of the Seventy was the presiding authority and what a talk the stake received and some GREAT guidance! :) One of the things that he said that really has been impressed in my mind was something he told the parents present, something to the effect of "fathers, your God given responsibility is to teach your children, if you don't do it somebody else will and more specifically the world will. Do you want that?" Wow! That really brought home some things I know I've shared before, but would like to reiterate...I am so greatful for my family! I am SOO grateful for my amazing parents who taught me starting from my nacimiento the ways of Christ, to have confidence in God, and to be resilient and enjoy the journey! THANKS MOM AND DAD! :)

Well, there you have it...the highlights of a very full week in the service of God and I'D HAVE IT NO OTHER WAY! I love this work! Yeah it's work, but it's also training and preparation for the rest of my life! I am so grateful for my family, and yes, it is hard to be separated for this time, but I know that due to my consecrating this time to the Lord, others can be with their families FOREVER! WHAT A MESSAGE! FOREVER FAMILIES! I love you all and hope and pray for the Lord's blessings in your lives! Keep on smiling!

With love and prayers,
Elder Flake
In the middle of a cornfield looking for the address of someone who wanted us to teach them...gotta love Guate!
Thank you for the package familia!!!

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