September 07, 2015

Election Week

Look what I found in the tienda today! Go USU!
P-Day today!

Well, first off I must complete the most important business....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!! :) Hope it was great yesterday! :) Alright, the highlights! :)

Highlights for 7/9/15:

Highlight #1: Elections. Well, this week was the lead up to the elections here in Guate yesterday. And man to they take their political parties serious here! Starting months ago everybody here places a colored flag above their home of the party with whom they participate. Then starting Sat morning each party congregated in different places in the city and basically started a 28+ hour they made something like 100-25 kg bags of maiz for tortillas and anywhere from 8-12 cows were prepared for EVERY party...and here there are yeah, you can do the math...haha :) So they are all together Sat, Sun, and Mon till like 3 am. On Sunday they vote and then return to their groups and wait for the results....craziness! But what an experience :)

Highlight #2: Rain. Well, the rain has BEGUN...but according to the gente here the beginning of Oct it will stop until next year...CRAZY weather....haha!:) But man! You have NOT lived until you have survived a rainy week here (can't say rainy "season" yet, because not even I have done that yet...). Think soaked to the bone! Yes I use a rain coat, umbrella, boots, dry socks and the missionary garb of pants and shirt...but that is NOTHING for this rain! But worse than the rain is the cold that comes with it! The rain isn't that hard, it's just persistantly misting and sprinkling...but then it soaks in, and THEN the cold hits you...and there is NO WAY to heat up...haha :) But, what can ya do...there's work to be done! :)
Rain = Slippery Mud!
Highlight #3: We have begun teaching a newlywed couple (the husband was a less active member who is now activating and his wife is not a member). They are awesome! But does his wife have some AWESOME, pointed questions. It's an adventure each time we teach her :) Haha. But the work is porgressing here every day :)

Highlight #4: Other. Our other investigators are progressing well :) We were able to find a whole family that really is like 4 families that just live answer to prayers :) We'll see where this leads! :) I will be sure to let you guys know what happens :) Keep the prayers coming! :)

These experiences as well as others have caused me to really realize and recognize the hand of the Lord in His work and my life specifically once again. He knows exactly what I need to become the man and son of God that He knows and needs me to be. I know that He has prepared (most likely before I was born) an experience, the part of my mission here, in this area, specifically for me. He prepared people, experiences, and events that He knew would help shape and better me. This work is soo amazing and honestly a lot of fun and rewarding! :) I love my Savior and brother Jesus Christ and know that this is His work. I know that He has a hand in my life and the lives of those I interact with (including you guys'). I know that some day I will kneel at His feet and thank him for this experience and the love and mercy He shows me. This gospel is so amazing and perfect and I know that it is only through living by its teachings with sincere hearts and real intent, following the spirit and letter of the law, that we can and will become like God. I know that this is His church and that He is at its head guiding and directing. I love you all and more importantly He loves you, eternally. Have confidence and faith in Him, I know that life will not always be easy and sometimes bad things happen, but He knows what will make you celestial and like Him. Trust in Him, have faith in Him. He has faith in YOU :)

With Love and Prayers,
Elder Flake
Love the Guatemalan people!

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