September 14, 2015

Is it that time again?! CHANGES!

Well, as the title says....Changes are tomorrow. But I'll get to that in a second. First I just needed to write something here to have some type of "intro" but then couldn't think of anything to write so I am now just writing a really long run on sentence so that it at least looks like I am saying something cool or important as an intro. Well, to the Highlights?

Highlights for 14/9/15:

Highlight #1: Temple. This week we had the marvelous opportunity to attend the temple. A couple weeks ago we were scheduled to go, but due to some local problems we weren't able to go when scheduled. Then earlier this week we received a text that we would be going to the temple as a zone. It was AMAZING! I was able to soak in the peace, calm, and quiet that only the temple can bring to one's heart and mind. It is amazing the personal growth that can and does happen in the temple. I know that it is the House of the Lord, He truly resides there (that's why a temple recommend is required to enter). Suffice it to say, I was living WAY under my potential when I was still home and WILL NOT make that mistake again...I am going to attend the temple A LOT more frequently when I get home!

My Zone at the Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple! Isn't it beautiful?

Highlight #2: Getting soaked. Well, "the rains came tumbling down" this week! That's for SURE! So just a fun (kind of...haha) story that happened yesterday, to give you all an idea or taste of what life is like as a missionary in Guate (there are TONS more where this one comes from...). So yesterday we were out in an aldea and sweating like crazy all morning and afternoon (not a cloud in the sky), and then the clouds rolled in and it dropped from about 1000 degrees to 0 (but just clouds), then it started to rain, and rain, so we had an appointment and taught a good lesson, (still raining...harder), and went to another appointment (farther from home) and taught there, and still it's raining (even harder), so we started making our way back to center and were walking along the main (ie highway) street when....out of NO WHERE...a HUGE semi passed us with a canvas covering the bed. Well, when it took the curve that we were on guess who got the Winter Waterpark Experience of a Lifetime....YEP, ME! When the semi took the curve, the water decided it was time to bail off of the canvas. Needless to say, I went from dry to wet to (literally) the bone in about 2.35 seconds (Record time?). Yeah, I was using a waterproof jacket, and it wasn't raining too hard at the moment this happened so that was all I was using, but the water still made it through every article of clothing. And we still had a long walk home and many appointments in between...but everything's dry now (and ready for the next experience) ;)

Highlight #3: Changes. Well, another 6 weeks have come and gone. And I know that you are all wondering if the (13 month) tradition continues, right??? Well, I am here to tell you....drum roll...THE TRADITION HAS BEEN BROKEN. I will be serving another 6 weeks here in this area! I guess I'm being given a little bit more time with the men in skirts! ;) :) And I'm glad to be staying with a good companion :) :)
Happy Birthday to my companion!!

Well, there you go! My wet, dry, and everything in-between week here in AMAZING, sunny, rainy, cloudy, perfect Guatemala! I love being here, and being here with such an amazing responsability. I know that the message is true that I and every missionary anywhere in the world are bringing to each and every one of your front porches, neighborhoods, and families. BUT, if we haven't made it to your house yet we would love to hear from YOU. You can request a visit from the missionaries at Go for it, we LOVE receiving the call to action to share this AMAZING message. Well, until next week...unless we knock on your door this week...take care, be happy, be thankful, and ENJOY THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR! :)

With Love and Prayers,
Elder Flake
Now for all my fun food experiences of the week...
elotes con chilicyote (pronounced chili-coyote) (IE Corn with a guate squash like veggie)
Eating some random herb a member had picked in the mountains and boiled
...maybe not the smartest, but trying to get our veggies in!

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