February 22, 2016

The Week I Almost Didn't Finish

"As individuals we are strong. Together, with God, we are unstoppable." --Rosemary M. Wixom (Keeping Covenants, Protects Us, Prepares Us, and Empowers Us)

Highlights for 22/2/16:

Highlight #1: Sick. Well, sickness struck again in this companionship. But, this time I made it through unscathed. My comp for the 4th time suspected that he had parasites (mexican food, in the street, in his last area... :/). So we had to go in 3 days this week to the clinic and have tests done. (for anyone that knows the process for checking for parasites, you understand what I mean by we had to "go in" 3 times this week... :P) But, in the end they didn't find anything. So now it's just trying to figure out what he DOES have because he still has all the symptoms...so that is some fun stuff! Fun fact: an Elder came to this area last year from my comp's last area for the same reason...parasites. So, have fun when you go to "that" area ;) haha! :)

Highlight #2: Alma 32. I was studying this week in Alma 32, among other places, and man is this chapter FOR EVERYBODY!!! It's for my investigators, it's for the new convert, it's for the convert with a little more time, it's for those that are converts of a LONG time, and it's for those that were born in the church...it is literally for EVERYBODY! Starting in v. 28, have we taken this "seed" and planted it in our hearts? When was the last time we read, really read and pondered, the scriptures? v 29-30, self explanatory and continue giving the seed what it needs to grow. v 32-33, crucial, CRUCIAL to the experiment. This is why we as missionaries invite all to do what we invite you to do. We want YOU to "test" this seed, it may be the seed of keeping the Sabbath holy, or the seed of reading the Book of Mormon, or the seed of preparing to go to the temple, etc. You must plant the seed to know if it is good, and when you come to the knowledge that the seed is good this leads to a testimony of the things of God. Now for the homework: (because I don't want to take too much time and want you all to come to understand through the Holy Ghost this chapter specifically for yourselves) Find your copy of the Book of Mormon (or click here) and read, ponder, apply, and pray about what you read and feel. I would highly recommend Alma 32, but the promise is the same in whatever part you choose to read :) :)

Highlight #3: Short Circuit. We received the shock of our lives yesterday morning (NOT LITERALLY, just want to be clear. At no point in this highlight were we harmed). I had just finished my shower and had changed and my comp was beginning his shower, when there was a BUNCH of noise outside in the street. It sounded like you had taken a fedex truck and was shaking it violently. Then there was a BOOOMB and the electricity went out in our apt....then smoke slowly started coming out of the wall. So, I quickly let my comp know to finish and get out of the shower (because I didn't know if there was electricity in the water system). So it turns out that the electrical current had gone overboard out in the street and the problem ended up burning the wires from the street post to our house, the wiring to the electrical counter, and the counter itself (ie LOTS of smoking wires). But there wasn't anything we could do on a Sunday, so we just let the owner know what had happened and this morning the process of fixing and figuring out what caused the problem began. But all is well, just a fun story now to share :) :)

"With all my heart I want to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. I love Him. I adore Him. I witness of His living reality. I witness that He is the Anointed One, the Messiah. I am a witness of His incomparable mercy, compassion, and love. I add my testimony to that of the Apostles who, in the year 2000, stated “that Jesus is the Living Christ, the immortal Son of God. … He is the light, the life, and the hope of the world.”

I testify that on a day in 1820 in a grove in upstate New York, the risen Lord appeared, along with God, our Heavenly Father, to the Prophet Joseph Smith, just as Joseph Smith said They did. Priesthood keys are on earth today to enable saving and exalting ordinances. I know it. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."
--Elder Dale G. Renlund (Through God's Eyes)

I add my testimony, small as it may be, to those shared. I know that Christ lives. I know that this is His work. I know that through Christ's sacrifice, atonement, I, and you, and all of us, may one day receive our goal of perfection. This is a process, it's not easy and will never be easy, but it's possible. It is possible through Christ, it is possible through the teachings He has given us. It IS possible, are we willing to work for it. I am so grateful for each one of you, I pray for you, I think about you (in a non-baggie way), and I want the best for all of you.

With Love and Prayers,
Elder Flake
I love the temple!

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