April 11, 2016


"May we choose to build up within ourselves a great and powerful faith which will be our most effective defense against the designs of the adversary—a real faith, the kind of faith which will sustain us and will bolster our desire to choose the right. Without such faith, we go nowhere. With it, we can accomplish our goals.

Although it is imperative that we choose wisely, there are times when we will make foolish choices. The gift of repentance, provided by our Savior, enables us to correct our course settings, that we might return to the path which will lead us to that celestial glory we seek.

May we maintain the courage to defy the consensus. May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.

As we contemplate the decisions we make in our lives each day—whether to make this choice or that choice—if we choose Christ, we will have made the correct choice." --Pres. Thomas S Monson (April 2016 Gen Conference)

Highlights for 4/11/16:

Highlight #1: DOGS. We were standing outside an investigator's door waiting for him when a dog came flying out of the house. This dog, unlike most, had no fear. It came right up to us. A young kid came out out with a, no joke, 4 foot long metal rod and screamed at the dog...who then timidly went back into the house. Not a better way to get your heart pumping and an adrenaline spike at 7pm! ;) jaja :)

Highlight #2: Investigator. What an eventful week we have had with a dear sister! We have been working with her and trying to prepare her for her baptism that was supposed to be last Sat for about 3 weeks. She has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, Jose Smith, and Christ's true church on earth...the only thing she is struggling with is that she can't accept that her previous baptism is invalid. So after a heart to heart session at a members home with the members family and us talking about the authority, we decided we needed to let her know that we would no longer be able to visit her until there was more we could do for her (ie She receives her answer and chooses to be baptized). So that happened Monday. Tue...Wed...Thu passed and we just let her be. But then Friday the other elders had a baptismal service and we felt that we needed to invite her to attend. She gladly accepted and loved the baptism...but still assuring us that she "has a certificate verifying that she has been baptized." But then on the way walking her home she made a comment that gave us a glimmer of hope, "So, do I need to find my own white clothes or do you guys or who?" We explained that IF she had all white clothes that were hers so could use those, but if not we would gladly find some for her to use. So, little by little she's accepting the Lord's will for her, to be baptized in His church by His authority. We are just hoping this process happens sooner rather than later ;) :) jaja :)

Highlight #3: New Friend to Teach. So this week's miracle would have to be finding this new brother/investigator. We were contacting, like we seem to be doing EVERYDAY, and decided to stop by and visit a previous contact that never seems to be home. So we stopped by and knocked. Then waited. Then knocked again. Then waited. Then the door opened and a different gentleman's face was in the window. Before we could say anything or introduce ourselves he said, "Hey, I just got some free time just now and was getting ready to sit down and study Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, the Book of Mormon, and the Bible." I was thinking this was a little too good to be true, so I asked if we could come in and read a little with him. And sure enough there was the triple, along with the Bible...WOW! He then explained that for about a year he has been searching topics in the Guide to the Scriptures (that the English version doesn't have, but he Spanish version does) to study about gospel topics using all 4 volumes of scripture. So we're pretty pumped to work with him! :) :) :) Pray that all will go well for us please :)

"You look into your father's eyes when he takes his hands off your head. He whispers that he's proud of you and he knows you'll do your best. You say you wonder if you can do it. That's when he says, It's not about you." --Its Not About You (2016 Youth Theme Album)

This isn't about me! This is about Him. This is His work, and for His glory. And it is passing WAY too fast! I love you all and hope this email finds you well and happy! :)

With Love and Prayers,
Elder Flake
Guess where my cereal was made? Good ol' Lakeville, MN!!
A little love from home :)

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