April 18, 2016

Ward Conference

"If we choose Christ, we will have made the correct choice." --Pres. Thomas S Monson

Highlights for 18/4/16:

Highlight #1: Divisions. This week I went on divisions with the one and only Elder Call. He's from my group, and we had a great division. I learned a lot and it actually helped me to not be baggie-ish this week! :) We were able to find some great families for him and his new comp to teach, and taught some great lessons! :) And my comp and Elder Call's comp had some great lessons here...so now to keep them progressing, baptized, and to the temple! :)
Middle of Nowhere in my area :)

Highlight #2: Night of International Food. This week was Ward Conference Weekend, thus we had a plethora of activities. One of these activities was a Night of International Foods. Each organization was assigned a country (most assigned by where the president or leader of the group served their mission or was from). Thus, our ward mission leader got back about a month ago from Mexico, we were assigned Mexico. So what did we make? You guessed it! CHILE!!!!!! We made chile rellenos with jalapenos. I know, that may not sound like your cup of tea (but hey, we're Mormon, we don't drink tea) ;) jaja). But they were super good!!! Our ward mission leader made an even spicier Mexican dish for us to try called Torta de Vena. So to explain, vena is the vein of the chile (ie the part that is spicy). So to make chile rellenos that Guatemaltecans would eat we had to cut out the veins. Thus, the Mexicans can't leave out anything spicy (or they wouldn't be Mexican...but for real!). So they take a handful of veins and coat them in egg and fry it....making a torta de vena. And man were they good, but HOT!!!!!! But the activity went well! :) :)
My comp and I making chile rellenos...mmmm!

The spicy veins of the jalapenos for Torta de Vena...HOT, but good!
Night of International Food!

Highlight #3: Ward Conference. We had a fantastic ward conference!!! We learned in Sacrament Meeting about sticking to and exemplifying the basics (faith, repentance, baptism, etc). Then in Sunday School we learned about the characteristics of conversion and how to become more converted. If we look in the guide to the scriptures (fyi, this is only in the Spanish version of the triple, but I believe it will be in the index in the English version as well) under conversion we learn that conversion requires change. A change of life, thoughts, and feelings. Thus sometimes (if not always) this means that to fully come unto Christ we must make hard decisions and leave worldly things behind. Then in the third hour priesthood, relief society, ym, and yw were all combined. We learned about how to have an effective and correct Family Council. I learned a whole lot! The spirit was fantastic!!!!! :)

Highlight #4: Changes...Well, changes are here once again. And my comp has changes. So next week I'll let you know about my new comp :)
I'm gonna miss this guy
"The miracle of resurrection, the ultimate cure, is beyond the power of modern medicine. But it is not beyond the power of God." --Elder Paul V Johnson

With love and prayers,
Elder Flake

A great lunch this week!

My comp really is a smiley, happy guy...

see ;)

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