April 04, 2016

Super Bowl Weekend for Missionaries

Highlights for 4/4/16:

Highlight #1: Conferencia General. Did you miss it? Why would you do such a thing? Thankfully all hope is not lost :) Ain't that great?!?!?! :) General Conferences are the semiannual worldwide gatherings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Church members gather to receive guidance and encouragement from Church leaders about gospel living based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. To make up for the lost heavenly instruction that you missed or to go back and watch or listen again to glean more personal revelation and instruction go to gc.lds.org and watch the conference. You won't regret it! :) :) I loved the sessions and talks this week. There were so many messages I feel were prepared just for me! I don't want to say much more to allow you to make your own conclusions and find your love of our living prophet and apostles for yourselves.

Highlight #2: Divisions. This week I had another opportunity to be able to get to know another corner of this AMAZING country through a division :) I know you may feel like I've been on divisions every week, I guess that's what happens when you switch districts and a missionary needs some support :) I LOVE DIVISIONS WHEN I GET TO GO TO ANOTHER AREA :) :) This week I went to Olintepeque it was a lot of fun! :) As you can seen in the picture there was A LOT of large empty corn fields, but we were still able to find people to teach! :) Ain't that great! I learned a lot and had a lot of fun as well. My comp for the day is a great missionary!
Divisions in Olintepeque

Highlight #3: Ice Cream. Well, as tradition dictated (and not called for by Elder Holland ;) jaja) I had some ice cream for Priesthood Session of General Conference. I love this tradition and couldn't let it die now just because of a couple hundred mile difference from "home" ;) So before Priesthood Session I frantically found a place to buy some great ice cream for me and my comp. And thus the tradition continues! :) :)

Now it's weird for me to realize that the next Priesthood Session will be the first one of its kind with all male members of our family present!!! We're gunna have to do somethin' special ;)

Well, now to work hard and focus the next 3 months ;) :) Let's do this!
With love and prayers,
Elder Flake
My District friends

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