August 19, 2014

CCM: 4 weeks down, 2 to go!

Alright, so this week (or couple of days) has been very monotonous...but I'll still write :)  The reason we are writing early is every 2 weeks the CCM is deep cleaned and all Elders must be we went to the market. :) :)  It was super fun...but that's why :)

Oh, fun news of the of my teachers is pregnant!!!  :)  The one that served in Peru :) :)  Super exciting!!  :)

This week has been challenging...the language I feel isn't coming too well and I'm getting a little discouraged :/  Then in talking to Pres Pitcher he told me something that just changed my perspective completely...he said, "One of the many tactics Satan uses is discouragement...he hates, hates, hates that you are here and on the Lord's errand, he hates it...I would take it as a good sign and a strength to you to know that he has to pull out discouragement out of his arsenal of weapons to TRY to get to're supposed to be here and you will be protected!"  It was pretty cool and changed my perspective quickly!! :)  Well, I can't believe that I'm now one of the older Elders at the CCM and that I leave in 2 WEEKS!!!  Ahhh!!

With love,

Your elder toda dia, cada dia,

Elder Cornflakes
The streets of Guatemala City on our way to market
My first trip to Wendy's in Guatemala City...probably won't be the last!

Huge relief map of Guatemala...Can you find Quetzaltenango?

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