February 09, 2015

All better!

YEAH...I'm feeling better!!! ...

Who is that crazy missionary?!?!

This week has been fantastic!! We were out every day and haven't had any more problems!! :) Yippee!! :) Well, a couple highlights of this week!! :)

Highlights for week of Feb 1-8:

Highlight #1: I was better!!! :) :) WOOHOOO!!! :)

Highlight #2: We had interviews with Presidente Smith this week! :) Fantastic! That man and servant of God is so in-tune with the Spirit! I learned so much and really got pumped to work harder! The mission is fantastic! :)

Highlight #3: Well, this week during lunch my comp was out kicking a ball against the wall in the church when he kicked just a little to hard...and his shoe went flying through the air and landed on the roof! Haha :) Well, he took about a half hour trying to get it down by throwing balls at it. But, one by one, the balls each bounced over the fence. That´s when I came out...well being the awesome comp that I am, I used a broom to reach up onto the roof and knock down his shoe...haha :) I thought it was pretty funny.  Sure was a highlight for my week, but I don't know what my comp thought ;)

Well guys, love you all a lot and hope all is well :) :) This work is truly the work of God, and we are His army! Keep up all the great work at home and keep looking for opportunities to share the gospel!! :) We finally got out this week and got contacting hard! We contacted about 200% better than we ever have!!! :) Woohoo!! :)

Well, love you all!! Talk to you in a week! :) :) I love being one of our Savior's servants serving our Father´s children here! :) We´ll also know next week if I have changes or not....I guess we´ll see :)

With love and prayers,
Elder Flake
The streets are lonely on a Sunday afternoon.
Typical Guatemalan pose :)  I mean :|

Thumbs up to this awesome family.

'Til next week!

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