February 24, 2015

My new home...

Here's my new home!
¿Que Hondas Familia? ;)

Hey guys! Well, not much generally to say this week...so off to the highlights (the only things you guys read anyway ;)).

Highlights for 23/2/15:

Highlight #1: Changes. So this week, as I told you last week, I had changes....well, drum-roll please...I'm in the city now with an elder from Peru. YEP! The BIG city!!! It sure is different (and flatter) than my last area. But I've loved it so far :) We live in a third floor apartment with a patio (yeah, posh right?? haha). But the one thing that is lacking is an oven...so no more brownies (unless you guys know a way to cook brownies or cake or cookies in the microwave or on a mediocre stove top :)).

The area in land area is pretty small, but we had an attendance at church yesterday of almost 150 members (A LOT bigger than in my previous area). Due to this, it has been nice this week to be able to focus all efforts on the missionary work and not have to worry about all the other callings :) This is not to say that my last area was bad or that here is heaven, it is just to tell the differences. They both have their pros and they have their cons, because they are unique.

Highlight #2: Baptism. We have one, possibly 2 (if all goes well tonight) baptisms for this Sat. Please pray for their protection, guidance, and that they will feel the Lord's answers to their prayers. They are both children of reactivated members. They are super sweet and pilus and I'm excited for them to be members with their families.

Highlight #3: Food. Yeah, I know that I talk about food almost every week...sorry....but it's the stuff that keeps this work going, right? ;) Well, for the first time in my mission I tried Guatemalan yogurt and sherbet. They were both super good and enjoyable :) If you were wondering ;)

Highlight #4: My Comp. Just for your information: My comp is from Peru. He has 5 weeks till he goes home...so he's been a missionary for a long time and I'm hoping to (and sure I will) learn a lot from his experience. But this also presents the challenge of being an elder's comp his last change. But I'm up for the experience! :)

Highlight #5: Meals. Due to the large ward we are a part of, for the first time in my mission, I have a meal calendar...that was a fun experience the first day. Walk into the apartment and my comp first explained the meal calendar and who we would be eating with for lunch. Through me for a quick loop as I realized, I'M NOW IN THE CITY...So that's been fun, and good, because I've been able to meet a lot of the members as we are eating in their homes. The members here are SUPER awesome and I love them already (I hope they can say the same about me...).

I'm loving my new area and the opportunity I have of working with a latino companion. I am so grateful for this work and know that this is the work of our Savior. I know that He directs this work personally and is working right along side us. He know our difficulties and He enjoys our triumphs. There is so much that I have learned so far in the mission, and still much more for me to learn. But most, if not all, of the things I've learned I couldn't have learned any other way than by serving a mission. The Lord truly is hastening His work and He needs an increasing number of volunteers for the work. If you are considering, or have ever considered, serving a mission please give it a lot of thought. I can testify that if you serve you will have some of the sweetest and most rewarding experiences of your life. I know this from experience.

Love you guys lots! Please know that you all are AWESOME!! Keep up the habits we have formed as a family of scriptures study and prayer. The promises associated with these commandments are real, I've seen them in the lives of members here as well as my own life. Love ya lots!

From somewhere in the city,
Elder Flake

P.S. Also, just found out that we get to go to the temple tomorrow as a zone!! :) Woohoo!!! :)  It has been a while and I'm excited! :)

"You are never lost when you can see the temple"  --Gary E. Stevenson

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