March 16, 2015

Meet the Mormons

Great p-day up the mountains with my zone of missionaries!
Well, another week has come and gone....way too fast!!! But have some fun stories to tell, and yes I wrote them down in my journal ;) So off to the highlights:

Highlight #1: Multi-Zone Conference. We had a multi-zone conference this week with Presidente and Hermana Smith as well as the assistants and secretaries. It was FANTASTIC!! And guess who I saw there....yep, my training companion!! :) Love that guy and he's doing great. The theme of the conference was on how to better teach, present, and learn from the lesson of the Restoration. Got a lot of great new ideas and some good practice of applying these ideas. It was an awesome conference! :)

Highlight #2: Meet the Mormons. So part of the conference Hermana Smith presented 3 of the 6 sections of Meet the Mormons and announced that it is coming to Central America!!! How cool is that?!?!?! We don't know yet if it is coming to Xela, but hoping :) :) We saw the sections about the boxer, the humanitarian, and the mother sending her son off for his mission. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!!! :) I just wish now that I could see the other half ;) Haha :) So that was a fun surprise from the conference... :) Oh, also David Archuleta sings Glorious (Glorioso) in Spanish for the one coming to Central America :)

To know more about the movie, go to or to see the trailer go to Meet the Mormons movie trailer.  And the theme song, "Glorious" performed by David Archuletta, is inspiring.  Enjoy!

Highlight #3: I LOVE OLD (I mean great, experienced, and wise, and darling and grandparentish) PEOPLE!! So we had the opportunity to take the sacrament to an elderly homebound couple yesterday. It made me really miss the visits I had with the elderly members of our ward in Centerville, as well as make me miss my grandparents. But it was awesome! They had some great stories and I hope to be able to visit them again! :) I just love old people, they are so darling and cute, especially when it's a married couple :)

I am loving being a missionary and learning SOO much! This truly is the 2 years of preparatory "school" for the rest of my life! I have learned soo much about what things I want to impliment with my future family and personally, and those things I not soo much want to impliment. I have also learned a lot about myself and grown in testimony and spiritual strength. It has been amazing to literally see the hand of the Lord every day this week, guiding, helping, and comforting us...leading us to those individuals who He has prepared for the message we bring of Him. This church is so amazing! The members are the cream of the crop! And I am excited to be able to listen once again to the words of our prophet and the twelve apostles in just over 2 weeks!! :) EXCITED!! :) :)

Love you all lots and lots! Pray for you each individually by name (and for different things) every day! Keep up the positive attitudes, work hard in school, but always remember life is meant to be fun even with its challenges :)

From an internet cafe in Guatemala to your computer screen,
Elder Flake

P.S. You asked about the weather...It's getting warmer, but it's still SUPER cold in the mornings and at night. But I guess you can say it's getting warmer :) The members here tell me that the weather is really the same year round, so we'll see, so far it's been true :) The weather here, clear blue skies, occasional cloud, and wind :)

My new zone...

Love these guys already!!

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