March 30, 2015

Another great week

Well, my comp is heading home!!! He had his final interview and took his English Exam, so he's all set for tomorrow to start the 3 day journey home :) :) But that's the happenings of the coming for the highlights of the semana pasada...

Highlights for 30/3/2015:

Highlight #1: Food. Yep first and formost made some bomb lasagna this week!! :) Check out the pictures....Yep, it was SUPER good!! :) And I don't even have to say so myself because....I found out that the husband of the sister we cooked with HATES ground beef. Like HATES HATES it...well, he told us this and then told me that this was the first time in about 20 years that he had actually liked the ground beef. But the story doesn't stop there...He then said that this was the best lasagna he has ever had and proceeded to tell me that when he was a teenager his friend's family owned an authentic Italian restaurant and would give him lasagna that he LOVED. He then told me that this lasagna was way better then even that lasagna :) How's that for a compliment? ;) Haha :) I love my food! ;)
delish lasagna
Highlight #2: The Scare. One day this week we were at the home of a member and were talking to him about the impending changes (when missionaries get shuffled around and reassigned to different areas). He then asked if he could see our phone, so we gave it to him. He then proceeded to go to our contacts and came across the number for one of the APs (a missionary who is the assistant to the mission president) and pressed the call button. WHAT THE?!?!?! He then had a conversation with the AP, "Hello Elder, this is a member in Xela. Oh, I'm doing well. I was just calling to ask if Elder Flake is going to have changes. Oh, thanks elder." Then he handed the phone back to me....How's that for an experience?? Well, I decided to check the outgoing calls list and found out that he had faked the whole converstation and was just messing with me. WOW, thanks! Haha :)

Highlight #3: Baptism. Well, our investigator was baptized on Sat. How's that for a going away present for my comp?!?!?! Haha :) :) It was amazing to see her enter the waters of baptism and to talk to her afterwards and hear about her thoughts and feelings. Then on Sunday my comp and I were able to participate in the confirmation. :) It was a great end to the change :)

Well you asked about the weather now.  Well, it pours on and off raining, you never know what to expect :) It's super hot when the sun is out and you're walking around all day, so that's why I was sweating :) Haha :) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the rainy season hasn't started yet....from what I'm told. I actually don't want to find out what they mean by "it gets lots worse..." but that's the nature of a mission right? ;) haha :)

Well, there you go....a couple of the great and fun highlights of this week. Now the adventure of changes tomorrow :) I'm staying here in this area and will be getting a new comp! :) Pray for us please :)

Love you all! Keep up the great work at home!!! You are all awesome!! :) :)

Love your missionary,
Elder Flake

My zone at the temple

My new "local" scripture case!

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