March 23, 2015

The happenins in the meadow

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Well the work is moving forward and is going amazingly!! :) The members here are super duper obber pilus and many love helping us. We have been able to meet a lot of friends, family, and neighbors of our members the last couple weeks, and I LOVE IT!! :) So to give you guys a little taste of my week...THE HIGHLIGHTS!! :)

Highlights for 23/3/15:

Highlight #1: So guess who I ran into today?? Our friend with the pig farm from my last area! We were walking back from the capilla and saw him in the street. I couldn't believe it! I have been thinking about him for the last couple weeks because he had told us he lived in a certain Zone in Xela and part of my new area includes part of that Zone. But I didn't have his phone number to ask where exactly he lives. Well it turns out he lives right in the middle of my area, right next door to some members!! :) How crazy is that?!?! :) It was a mini miracle for me :)

Highlight #2: Church. Well, I was caught...I was asked to give a talk this last Sunday on the topic of missionary work. I talked about how we can each personally prepare ourselves and our families to do a greater part in missionary work. The four main points were 1) pray every day, 2) read your scriptures every day (and begin using Preach My Gospel), 3) visit the temple as frequently as you can, 4) perform an act of service every day. I promise that if we each individually and as families will focus and work on these four points our lives will be happier, more enjoyable, and others will want to know more about the gospel from our examples! We can all do these things, they aren't hard, but they are eternally important! :) Live it, Love it, Missionary Work ;)

Highlight #3: Food. So my customary food highlight for this week is definitely the Apple Yams that I, my comp, and a member made this week! THEY WERE AMAZING!!!! :) We made so much that we ate it not one but 2 days! :) I loved it!! :) It was soo much fun to be in the kitchen again and making one of my favorite dishes! :) A little sneak peek for this coming week...We have a cita set to cook another of my favorite dishes this week! :) Stay tuned to find out what we make ;) Haha :) Gotta love ya food, right?!? ;)
Love being in the kitchen! APPLE YAMS...a taste of home.
 Well, ultimately I had a good week, learned a lot, and yes I wrote it all down ;) This work is so amazing, hard, but so rewarding! I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it and share this wonderful message with all that I can! :) Keep up all the great work at home! Love you guys SOOO much!!!! <3

With Love, Thoughts, and Prayers from a bro to you,
Elder Flake
Here comes the rain rolling in!

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