August 03, 2015

Changes again!

My awesome Vibram-soled shoes are holding up well after a whole year...yessss!
(I took 2 pairs...the one on the left I've been wearing)
Well, no small talk today...straight to the highlights!! :)

Highlights for 3/8/15:

Highlight #1: Estudios. Well, have found some awesome role-models for the mission. There names are Ammon and Aaron. I just gotta say, I have always had role-models from the Book of Mormon and always learn from their writings. But this week I was studying the stories of Ammon and Aaron and man were they some missionaries to be like! Read for yourselves in Alma 18:24-40 and Alma 22:4-23...Anyone who is or has served a mission can truly appreciate fully what an amazing set of teachers these two were! LOVE IT!

Highlight (not) #2: Changes. Well, tomorrow is changes (once again), and? Guess who's got changes??? Yep, we do! My companion is being changed this week...we have no idea where he is going or who is going to be my new companion, but man are we running the spectrum feelings. I have soo loved this last change and being able to work with Elder Roca! He is one of the nicest, sincerest, humorous friends I have had. But the Lord obviously needs him somewere else, and/or there is something I need to learn from somebody else. But, that's the nature of a mission, right? ;) But man has it been such a fun, productive, and uplifting change the last month and half. I know that might sound a little cliche, or off...but it's not and it's the truth :)
My awesome companion packing to move :'(
Highlight #3: Traditional Guate. So this week we were visiting a member and her family and asked where her husband was, because we had seen him when we had come in but then he left. She told us he was in the next room weaving some we just had to go check it out! Man is that LONG and strenous work! Think about a thousand cords running through a manually-powered machine that creates fabric...and then put it in Guate...then add more man power...and a hot room...and now you are CLOSE to what it is...haha :) But the cloth was super cool! :)
Guate cloth he's making...

Well, I love you all and hope your week was FANTASTIC! I think about and pray for you all each individually every night and pray for your salud, proteccion, y felicidad. I am soo greatful to be on the Lord's errand! There isn't a better place I could be right now, even though it is hard, it is also very rewarding! :) Keep on praying! Keep up the scripture reading! And if you still have time, because there is always time, do a little bit of service for those around you! :) Keep on smiling! Laugh! And take in life, because it is truly amazing!

With love and prayers,
Elder Flake
Cushy bus ride from District Meeting!
The Guate breakfast of champions!

I made cheesecake filling, but didn't have a crust, so I ate it out of a cup...yummm!

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