August 24, 2015

Modern day Prophets, Seers, and Revelators

I am a giant in this Guate-sized chair!
Well, what a week I have had here in one of the best places in the world! So, to get to the highlights...

Highlights for 24/8/15:

Highlight #1: Divisions. Well, this last week I had my first tripanionship division (3 missionaries in each area). It was actually a lot of fun and I learned a lot :) And we did get a lot of work done as well :) I love divisions because I get to learn so much from my "new" comps! :)

Highlight #2: President Nelson. This week we had the wonderful opportunity to sit at the feet (kind of) of one of our modern day prophets, seers, and revelators now President Russell M Nelson, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. May I just say, God knows us each individually and our needs and desires! The plan was that Pres Nelson would be coming to Xela tomorrow and the missions of Quetzaltenango and Reu were going to combine for the devotional...(I was pumped not only to be able to shake hands with one of the special witnesses of Christ, but also to see Elder Pugmire!)...but then Thursday night we received the news that Pres. Nelson was not going to be able to come, but that we were going to be able to participate in a special broadcast from Honduras to all the missions in Central America. So we still were able to have the spiritual edification, but weren't able to shake hands with him (maybe someday...I still have enough time in the mission for it to happen). But, MAN WAS THAT STILL AN EXPERIENCE!! He talked a lot about the basics that will change everything for us in our missions! It was one of those moments I thought I was doing pretty well in the mission, but I now have a pretty good list of things to impliment and apply to my efforts to be even better. I took a nice list of notes and promises and blessings he left. He left us with one of the simplist and most profound apostalic blessings! Blessings for us to be sucessful, healthy, and devoted; blessings for our families and us to be safe and protected and our families to be healthy; blessing for us to return home safely after serving an honorable mission; and other blessings and promises.

I testify that Christ LIVES! He loves us, individually! He knows our struggles, strengths, and what experiences we will and need to have in our lives. I learned as well as felt truly how much each of the members of the twelve and first presidency love each of us, members, investigators, non-members, missionaries, truly everyone that has, is, or will live on this earth. I know my Savior loves and knows me, he knows my struggles, and he is working right alongside me to help me become all that I am destined to become. And this is true for each and every one of you. I have a testimony that we have, TODAY, a living prophet, Thomas S Monson, who talks with God face to face as we talk to a friend, and we have a quorum consisting of twelve servants and special representatives of Christ, The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, along with many local and regional leaders called and sustained to further the kingdom of God on earth. I know that Joseph Smith is the prophet of this dispensation, that through him Christ restored His church once again to the earth, never to be taken again until He shall come again to rule and reign. I am on the Lord's errand, I know that not everybody is going to accept me or the message I bring, but someday they will, and just maybe I will have been the one that planted the seed that later grows and blooms, or even just prepared the soil. I love this work!

Highlight #3: Cascada. Today for P-day a member from the ward took us to a "tourist" spot here in Nahuala. So he took us to some cascadas (waterfalls) that were a lot smaller than years past, but still a lot of fun! :) We took some fun pics, got a little wet from the mist, and enjoyed seeing a little bit of nature's beauty here in the wonderful pais of Guate! :) Gotta love it!
A little down time on p-day at the cascada :)

I know that I am about the Lord's work, and He will NOT let me fail! I know that only through making and keeping the covenants and promises officiated by those with the proper authority and authorization can we ever make it back to live in the presence of our Father! I love you all and pray for you each and every night! Keep on smiling! Keep on pressing forward! We have the Lord's promise that when we are doing what's right and being examples of the believers He will protect, guide, and direct us! Have confidence in this promise, the Lord ALWAYS keeps His promises! I love you all and hope you are all doing fantastic! Peace out, from Guate to YOU!

With Love and Prayers,
Elder Flake

Here's a few more pics from the trip we took to the waterfall...

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