October 12, 2015

chickens, seafood, and testimony

Apparently here they paint baby chicks because at first I thought this was a Quetzal chick...and then was informed it is a chicken...but cool pic right :) OH, and I was able to show this family how to hypnotize their chickens...they were a little unsettled by my ability, until the chick jumped up and ran off, to which they laughed :)
Hay tres clases de personas: las que saben contar y las que no. Thought I'd start with a joke, then realized the only ones that came to mind were in Spanish...so oh well ;) :) But to get to the things most important (WOW, sorry, Spanish sentence structure. I am literally translating my Spanish thoughts into English to write them...haha)....the highlights!

Highlights for 12/10/15:

Highlight #1: Interview. This week we had our periodical interviews with Pres Smith. As always, MINE WAS GREAT!!! I always learn sooo much in my interviews and feel the spirit testify of the things that happen there. I have been thinking about many questions I had to ask and had them written to ask Pres Smith if there was time after the "normal" part of the interview. (ie Usually I have entered the interview and he has questions and things to discuss and then if there is time remaining he asks if we have anything else to discuss or ask...) But this time right as I entered he asked how I was doing, to which I replied "well." He then paused for a second and then asked that I explain "well." I then explained and then he asked about my spiritual progression in the mission. (This was one of the questions I had prepared to ask) So I responded that this was one of my questions I had brought if there was time at the end, or if then was a good time to ask. To which he indicated to go ahead and ask. Needless to say, 30 min later and with MANY notes and new insights and instructions received I left the interview feeling empowered to do and be better. I love having interviews with Pres Smith (a major reason for this tranquilidad is because I am obedient, so the interviews are uplifting instead of a time of reproof) :) I am soo grateful to have a mission president who truly understands his calling and responsibilities and has been prepared throughout his life to help me specifically at this time. I know that Pres Smith was called of God to preside and direct this mission under the direction of Christ through revelation.

Highlight #2: Division. This week I had the opportunity to go on a division to San Cristobal. It went really well, I learned a lot. And LOVED being in a different area for a day, just a change a scenery is refreshing every once in a while, right? :) One (of MANY) experiences I had while there really impressed itself in my mind and gave me courage and strength. We were teaching a gentleman about the Restoration: we explained about families, prophets, Christ's ministry, and the great apostasy, and explained how Christ called a modern prophet (Joseph Smith) and restored His church once again on the earth. The gentleman then stopped us and said, "I have one question: In the Bible we read that Christ gave power and authority to his Apostles and the Seventies and anyone else He sent to preach the gospel. Do you both have some type of this authority, or by what authority were you sent to preach?" WOW! Can I just say, the light of Christ truly can illuminate the mind and heart of anyone who will listen! This gentleman has studied, prayed, and received a particle of the light (or truth) of the gospel and this particle sparked a question. But the part that has impressed itself in me is that immediately my companion and I were able to say, without doubt or hesitation, "YES! We have been sent forth with power and authority from God...." and then explained how after Christ called Joseph Smith to be His representative on earth, Christ sent first John the Baptist (Priesthood of Aaron) and later Peter, James, and John (Melchizedek Priesthood) to restore the priesthood and priesthood keys to the earth. This experience truly was a testimony builder for me! :)

Highlight #3: Actividad de Distrito. Today we were able to have our District Activity. (A district is a group of areas and companionships, in my district there are 5 companionships....then a zone is a group of districts, in my zone there are 3 districts...then all the zones together make a mission. Basically from smallest to largest it goes: area (proselyting), district, zone, mission, area (geographical, in the case here we are part of the Central American Area), Church as a whole). We gathered here in Nahuala and played volleyball, futbol, and cooked lasagna. It was a lot of fun and the lasagna was super good :) :) It is always fun to get together with the district or zone and to have a little bit of time to better connect and relax together.
Missionaries in my Zone of the mission

Pizza Hut!!! :)

Highlight #4: Food. Well, for this week's food highlight I will have to go with the above mentioned lasagna :) Nothing really to explain, it was just a normal lasagna...ie cheese, meat, pasta, tomatoe sauce, etc....now I am realizing that if you don't know what lasagna is 1) I feel sorry for what you have been missing out on in your life and 2) I will leave you to googling "lasagna" to find out what it looks like, at least, and maybe print off a recipe to begin enjoying your culinary options more fully in your life ;) :)
Lunch one day....DAD'S Favorite, Fish and Shrimp Soup! :) It was actually pretty good :)

I have also learned a lot this week and grown a lot in my testimony of Christ. I know that we knew Him personally before we came to earth. I know that He came to earth to lead a life of example and ultimately suffer and die for each and every one of us. But, I know that He has risen and that because of this we will all rise again some day. I know that He is there for each of us individually, in our times of trial and struggle as well as in times of plenty and tranquility. I know that only through Him we are able to repent, become better, and ultimately return to live with our Heavenly Father and families forever. I know that this is the Lord's work and that He personally is directing and participating in it every day. I know that there is power in prayer and fasting, personally and as families. There are few better ways to unite families than having family scripture study and family prayer every day (and Family Home Evening once a week). I promise that if we will each make the effort to study and pray individually and as families every day, we will see the windows of heaven open and bounteous blessings come into our lives and the lives of those we love. I love this work and the blessing of being a part of it at this time. I am soo grateful for all of you, your thoughts, prayers, letters, emails, and everything. Thank you. Keep up all the great work! Keep being the great examples of followers of Christ that I know (and you guys know) you are. Keep on smiling! Keep on spreading this wonderful gospel message, a message really everyone on earth already knows and has accepted, just have forgotten.

With love and prayers,
Elder Flake

**If you have had any questions about any of the things mentioned above, please do not hesitate to ask a local missionary or member to better explain....they would be THRILLED to help you understand these concepts and doctrines of the gospel.**

PS Life's good! Enjoy it! :)

PPS I have less than 9 months left...(no suprise extra siblings before i get home ;) jk haha)

My area at night...

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