October 19, 2015

Testimony: Story of My Life

Wassup?!?!? Well, I gotta write fast (like every week) so I'll get to the highlights...

Highlights for 19/10/15:

Highlight #1: Mile Marker Reached. This week my companion completed 7 months in the mission. So what did we do? We made a cake :) :) It was delicious! I remember when he first got here he had less than 6 months in the mission...wow, times flies! And now we are looking at changes next week!!!!! AHHHH! I will know next p-day where I'll be the next change....maybe here, maybe not....

Highlight #2: Noche de Hogar. We had a great FHE with a member family and one of their friend's family. It was awesome! :) We taught about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ...I am soo thankful for the knowledge we have as members of Christ's Latter-Day church. The confusion we avoid and the peace we find in the knowledge we have. But we cant stop there! We have the desires to share this fruit we have found, a fruit that fills our souls with exceedingly great joy (1 Nephi 8:11-18). But as you have read in this verse that doesn't mean that the person we invite will accept, everyone still has their agency, but we can be satisified that we have done our part and that they know where to find answers when they are looking for them. Because everyone at some point in their life will wonder about or search for truth. We are agents of light.

Highlight #3: Testimony. There is power that comes when members and missionaries unite to build the kingdom of God. Missionaries without members can teach lessons and maybe baptize someone, but this individual has the odds against them to remain active...Members without missionaries can teach lessons and baptize and retain recent converts and activate less active members, but it will take A LOT longer because you aren't dedicated and set apart to this work FULL-TIME....so what is the solution? Members AND missionaries together can teach lessons, baptize, active, and retain EVERYBODY! This is what the Lord, His servants, and statistics show and have taught! SO, are you trying to find another path to success in the Lord's Kingdom (because that path doesn't exist) or are you living by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God, ie His servants (D&C 84:44). I have found that only through uniting in this work can it move forward. The Lord is hastening His work, it's a fact! Are you working with Him or against Him, or are you falling blindly behind? I invite all the evaluate your life and apply the instructions from the conference talk by Elder Larry R Lawrence and ask your Heavenly Father in prayer "what lack I yet?" and "how can I become more like thee and what part would thou have me play in your plan today?" I promise that when you apply these steps and in fervent prayer with real intent, He WILL answer, and the answer may not be what you thought it would be or it may be to leave your comfort zone a little, but I promise that He will always invite you to become better. So take these promptings you receive to show His confidence in YOU to become better :) We can all be a little better every day, and one day we will come face to face with our Heavenly Father and find that we have truly come to be like Him. I love you all and He loves you too (which is MORE important) but maybe even MORE importantly He loves your family members, friends and neighbors who are still looking for the truth. We have the call to become and be Saviors on Mount Zion. And this is to say nothing of the millions upon millions of our ancestors who are waiting on the other side of the veil for US to do for them what they cannot do for themselves, the physical ordinances of the temple...but that's a "discourse" for another time ;) haha :)

Highlight #5: IT IS SUPER COLD THIS WEEK, AND RAINY, SO EVEN COLDER!!! I know, if you look at our temperatures you will roll your eyes...but when you're used to sweating every day these temperatures are frigid! I know, I am going to have to acclaimate again to MN (IF I am going to visit during the winter ;)). But the rain is STILL coming...we have gone from "it will end at the end of Sept" to "It will end the 10th of Oct" to "...the end of Oct" to "MAYBE in Nov???" to ???? Haha :) But hey, that's life! :)

I love you all and am so greatful for the amazing things you are all doing through your examples and lives. Keep up the great work! The Lord has promised His presence along side His servants who are living worthy lives. I pray for your success and health and happiness! We live in the most anticipated era in the history of the world, we live in the Dispensation of the FULLNESS of Times! Live it, Love it, Share it! :)

With Love and Prayers,
Elder Flake

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