May 23, 2016

Work: The Remedy of all bagginess

"God rarely infringes on the agency of any of His children by intervening against some for the relief of others. But He does ease the burdens of our afflictions and strengthen us to bear them, as He did for Alma’s people in the land of Helam (see Mosiah 24:13–15). He does not prevent all disasters, but He does answer our prayers to turn them aside, as He did with the uniquely powerful cyclone that threatened to prevent the dedication of the temple in Fiji; or He does blunt their effects, as He did with the terrorist bombing that took so many lives in the Brussels airport but only injured our four missionaries.

Through all mortal opposition, we have God’s assurance that He will “consecrate [our] afflictions for [our] gain” (2 Nephi 2:2). We have also been taught to understand our mortal experiences and His commandments in the context of His great plan of salvation, which tells us the purpose of life and gives us the assurance of a Savior, in whose name I testify of the truth of these things. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen." --Elder Dallin H Oaks (Opposition in All Things, GC April 2016)

Highlights for 23/5/16:

Highlight #1: Ward Activity. This week we had a ward missionary activity...gotta love when the ward plans an activity to help you :) We had a game, socializing, lunch activity :) We played soccer, team building games, and many of our investigators were fellowshipped :) A family friend of a member came to the activity and loved it...the next day the 15 year old son came to church with this member family. It was actually really cool, and showed the ward how truly easy and rewarding it is to work with your friends and neighbors. And also encouraged the ward to begin inviting people to get to know the church :) So get inviting :) The more people you invite, the more that have the oppotunity of eternity to accept your invitation. YOU can make all the difference :) :)
Ward missionary activity!!

Highlight #2: Divisions. This week we had divisions with Elder Call and Elder Roca again. Elder Call came here with me. It helped a bunch to have him here, to be able to talk to him about some things that have been happenin and get some help :) We also found some new families for me and my comp to teach, AND put a baptismal fecha once again with a great family we've been teaching!! :) WOOHOO! Little by little, baby steps, but progress for the better! :) Divisions are awesome!

Highlight #3: Families :) There is a member in our ward who has since her baptism worked tirelessly in the missionary cause, but got discouraged and stopped a couple years ago because she hadn't seen any results. We were able to visit her family and animate them to once again work with us, together, to have success! The following weekend we had an activity for the Semana de la Familia and they invited a neighbor friend (who honestly they had never spoken to until they invited her and her family to the activity) and the friend came! Then this week we had our missionary activity, so they invited this family to come and have some fun as a family! AND THEY CAME! The mom worked till 10:30am and had to go back at 1pm, but took her short break to come to the activity with her kids! :) It was her son that came to church yesterday, and loved it! So little bit of encouragement, and there is still hope :) :)

“I have often said that one of the greatest secrets of missionary work is work! If a missionary works, he will get the Spirit; if he gets the Spirit, he will teach by the Spirit; and if he teaches by the Spirit, he will touch the hearts of the people and he will be happy. Work, work, work—there is no satisfactory substitute, especially in missionary work.” --Ezra Taft Benson

I testify that this principle is true! It has worked for me THIS WEEK! I had been gettin a bit know, ending the mission soon and not seeing much success in this area. But if one will forget about themselves (in my case, forget about MY lack of success) and focus on the Lord and His work, the miracles will flow and He will grant the success one searches. This principle reminded me of something that my parents (I think it was my parents, but not sure...that someone important told me) always said about tithing, "we will do more with 90% of our income than we could with the full 100%!" This is true with work. If we work in OUR way and doing it the way WE want it done, nothing will happen. BUT if we work in HIS way and doing it the way HE wants it done, MIRACLES will happen. Of this I testify.

With love and prayers,
Elder Flake

PS 22 MONTHS TODAY!!!! AHHH, where is the time going!!!!
views from my area...

I love to see the temple.

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